September 2016: In Service

September, 2016 IssueSeptember is the start of the harvest time in many ways. While we are gathering the harvest, this month's BRCN reminds us that giving is an important aspect of our relationship with God.

Beth Davis tells us about the upcoming Walk A Mile In Her Shoes fundraiser for Mitchell County SafePlace. Dean Honeycutt explores the concept of giving at worship instead of expecting just to receive. Danny Hampton shares the testimony of a prisoner in our Behind The Walls series, and Jason Webb provides a perspective on all the tensions in our society that have surfaced recently.

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Do NOT Go To Church To Get Something

Photo of Reverend Mark Creech

What is success?  For some it is fame and fortune, but for me it is training my children to love the Lord. What good would it have been for my children to succeed in every area of life and miss heaven? I am not saying that successful people will not go to heaven. Successful people will not be in heaven because of their accomplishments, but because they have repented of their sin and trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.
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Walk A Mile in Her Shoes Set For October 15

Walk A Mile in Her Shoes Graphic

Domestic violence knows no age, economic, social, religious, geographic, or racial boundaries. For over 20 years, Mitchell County SafePlace has been dedicated to ensuring a safe haven, as well as many other resources, to our local citizens who have experienced intimate partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, and elder abuse.

On Saturday, October 15, 2015, Mitchell County SafePlace will hold its Second Annual Walk A Mile In Her Shoes fundraiser on Oak Avenue in Spruce Pine to continue providing critical services for victims of family violence. This will be a fun, family-oriented event with food, music, raffles, and prizes......and a chance to see some of our favorite Mitchell County Men in high-heeled shoes!
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All The Same

Beth Davis with Clint Pollard

In light of the recent racial riots that have been happening across our country, I have spent time in prayer, asking God for an answer to the question “Why is this happening?” The answer seemed to come to me during my family vacation at the beach. I was standing on the sand, watching the waves with my daughter and reflecting on a question she had asked me. She was curious why there is so much tension between the different racial groups.

The answer is that the enemy is on the prowl. He does not want peace and harmony between God’s people. If God’s people are allowed peace and harmony, the worship that will take place will be unbelievable!
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Behind The Walls: He Sets The Prisoners Free

This month’s article is going to feature a different kind of testimony, a testimony that is heart breaking and tragic.  As I write this testimony I realize that The Blue Ridge Christian News is a paper filled with positive, “good news” stories.  It deliberately seeks to emphasize the positive, and I am glad it does. While the testimony you are about to read is definitely heart wrenching, it actually is positive in the sense that God loves current and former offenders and He calls us to know their struggle and intercede for them as we seek to love them. If the truth contained in this testimony can inspire us to pray more passionately and minister the “Good News” more effectively, then it is a very positive article indeed.
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Life’s Lessons: Love & Forgive Unconditionally

by Doug Harrell

Photo of Groundhog

There are times in our lives that we will feel as if the world has fallen in around us, our friends have let us down, our wife or husband failed us, our children did something that is terribly wrong.  Sometimes these moments will define the rest of our lives and who we become.  We allow the actions of others to define us rather than defining ourselves.  It is easy to walk away from those we feel have wronged us for whatever reason.  What do we lose in the process of doing this?  We can lose our friends, our marriage, our family or even worse, our sanity!  What holds things together for each of us in these unforeseen situations?  In my opinion, nothing but the blood and the love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
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