McDowell Technical Community College

By Paula Holtsclaw

As I sit in my office glancing out the window I see a car pull-up; I recognize the individual in the car as one of our clients. She is a beautiful girl in her mid-twenties. She hesitates to get out of her car and I see she is crying. She has got two passengers in the car with her– one she has known a long time and his name is Drug Addiction. He is telling her not to go into Social Services. He tells her that she will fail her drug screen because she is doing meth. He tells her that her children will remain in foster care.  He tells her that the Workers in that building are against her. He tells her that her parents have turned their backs on her and she disgusts them. Drug Addiction tells her he is the only thing she can count on. He tells her to pull out and leave. However, in a soft voice the passenger in the back seat speaks and tells her to go into my building. He tells her that he has warriors inside who will help her. He tells her that his warriors will not judge her because they have faced their own demons in life.  He tells her those warriors will help her up when she stumbles, will work to get her children back to her, and will give her every resource available to get her on her feet. He tells her that her family loves her no matter what because parents never stop loving their children. He tells her he knows this because all his children have let him down many many times and he always forgives them and never stops loving them. The passenger in the back tells her she has never been alone– that he will never leave her.  He tells her that Drug Addiction is no match for his love for her. In that moment, she feels no judgement. There is not hatred. There is no condemnation. There is just a peace. In that moment, she makes a choice and as I watch she heads toward the doors of Social Services.  As she is walking in the door she feels a hand take hers and she knows that it’s her back-seat passenger. She feels his strength and she whispers to him– I know that you’ve got this Lord!!

It’s the start of a new year and with that comes the belief that we can start a-fresh and wipe the slate clean of all the bad that happened to us last year.  There is a hope inside of us that the New Year will bring us exciting things. I believe that statement to be true– a new year can be a fresh start and a chance to change your life.  Every day at Social Services we see those who are struggling with the demon of drug addiction and day after day we see that demon take away everything they have.  We see the loss of jobs, homes, family, and their own precious children.  We see the total devastation that comes with the use of drugs. However, there is hope for those struggling with that Demon and as long as there is breathe in your body you can change your life.  I believe that hope comes from the Lord and his presence in your life will overcome anything.  The Lord has put his servants at Social Services to help those with drug addictions by helping them get the resources they need to get clean, to get jobs, and to get their children back home with them.  Those servants will do everything they can to help you and all they need is for you to want to help yourself. There is no obstacle too big for the Lord and I have never seen anyone not succeed when they have the Lord foremost in their Life.  Every success story we have at Social Services is attributed to that person’s faith.  I would say to those battling this demon of drug addiction, “you are not alone– the Lord is with you and he will never leave you, not even in your darkest shameful hour.”  He has his warriors in place to help you fight your battles and all you have to do is trust in him.  This year is your year to turn your life around and take back what drug addiction has taken away.  This is your year to get treatment and get clean.  This is your year to look in the mirror and be proud of what you see. This is your year!