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Brother George Patton preaching revival in Africa

Patton’s Missions



By Reverend George Patton

Burke County

Dear friends,

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  It has been so refreshing being back on the mission field.  We have seen God doing so many great things here in Kenya.  Our original plan was to only spend 2 weeks here in the back country and then proceed on to Zimbabwe and Malawi, but because of the cry of the people here and the leading of the Holy Spirit we decided to come back for another four weeks.  We will be going back to the capital on January 23.

Every service here has been full.  We have had services in little tin churches as well as large elaborate churches.  I was so very sad to hear that there is no pastor or bishop in this entire area that has had any type of Bible training.  They have been eating up the training we have been providing.  We have been teaching six hours a day and preaching two hours every night.  They want so much more.  They have told me, “Pastor we are Bible illiterate.”  It seems so over whelming at times.  There is so much they need to know.  These pastors are simple people.  Many of them are farmers by trade.  They will go to their fields early in the morning before the conferences and then at night after the conferences to do their work.  We have been trying to take Mondays off.

The Spirit of the Lord has been working in such a way like never before.  We have seen so many people saved, delivered, and healed.  The people continue to come from far and wide.  I believe a person could spend a lifetime here and still not finish all the work that needs to be done. We have not even left the area of Lake Victoria yet.  There are still so many unreached areas.  The people here lead very simple lives.  Our Christmas was anything but commercial.  These people sing many of the same songs that we sing about the birth of Jesus such as Away in the Manger and Silent Night, but the difference here is they have nothing to give one another.  All they have: all their praise the give to the Lord.  Christmas here is celebrated around the church.  They come very early and begin with worship.  Every age group has its own program; children have a recital program, young people have a dance skit and the older people have a choir.  Of course there is praise and worship and then the Christmas message.  After the message there is food for all.  We had a great Christmas here even through it was difficult to realize it was Christmas when it was over 90 degrees outside.  I am so excited about the New Year’s Services.  Here in Africa they have what they call a crossing over. The week before New Year’s Day they have a series of services every night and then finally on New Year’s Eve they have an all-night service and cross over into the New Year.  We have been invited by so many churches to preach this service; unfortunately we can only be at one at a time.  We are in the middle of services here in a location called Kisumu.  Saturday we are heading out to another even more remote area for the cross over service and then a big crusade on New Year’s Day.  Please continue to pray for us.  Todd is getting more and more invitations to hold youth rallies.  God is really growing him as well.  We love you folks so much.  We pray you have a great New Year.