Month: February 2017

Grieving the Loss of a Spouse By Jacob Willis Important steps to take after losing a spouse

  Yancey County Hospice Grieving the Loss of a Spouse By Jacob Willis Yancey County More than your children, parents, or friends, your spouse knows you more intimately than anyone.  You share in life’s ups and downs, the ebb and flow of life takes you on a journey as one.  That’s why the Bible says, “The two shall become one flesh”.  It is a relationship like no other.  When marriage is good there is nothing else like it.  People who got married in High School and have lived together their whole lives should be thankful.  People who are divorced...

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Marriage–A Priceless Painting By Marlene Houk

  Marlene’s Meditations                                    Marriage – A Priceless Painting by Marlene Houk Burke County Eyes staring at the rhythmic swirls and cadences of the artist’s hand, I gazed with wonder as he sketched in the background. As the mysteries of his artwork unfolded, the slow unveiling mesmerized me. Although it took an hour for the black light chalk artist to finish his work, it was worth the wait.  A tranquil rural scene cradled a rustic wooden fence, and the blue bird perched happily,...

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Life: We Should Choose It! By Dr. Mark Creech A heart-wrenching story about why we should choose life even in dire circumstances.

Christian Action League of NC Life: We Should Choose It By Dr. Mark Creech Tom Carr, an educator from Hillsborough, North Carolina, who now serves on the Orange County Board of Education, wrote a little book published in 1998, titled, Morning Messages: 36 Stories to Motivate and Inspire Young People. One story Carr records is about Shawn Hessee, a high school senior at the time of the book’s writing. Carr says that he called upon Shawn to speak to a group of graduating fifth graders. “Shawn Hessee is a remarkable young man who has won numerous awards and honors,”...

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