McDowell Technical Community College


By: Doug Harrell

This past month has been lots of fun talking to older couples around the region of Western North Carolina that Blue Ridge Christian News is proud to serve.  Speaking with couples that have been married for a least 60 years has been the focus of the February “LOVE” issue for Valentine’s Day.

The most amazing thing has been the similarities between the many different couples I have talked to or gotten letters from.  The conversations were usually started with the question, what do you give credit for the long marriage you and your mate have had?  The most common thread was their combined faith in God, and their involvement in their local churches.  The phrase, evenly yoked, came up many times in the conversations.  Comments like, we agreed at the beginning to not fuss and fight, not to go to bed angry, being willing to talk things out.  One couple said that going out to McDonald’s at least once a week together for breakfast had been important.  Several mentioned giving each other space to grow and mature over the years had been important to them.  Another common thread was not talking negative to other people about each other and always supporting each other in public.   Another common phase was to be focused on a relationship with God and not just material things that did not last.  Another thing that was mentioned in just about all of the discussion was being willing to tell each other daily that you loved them.

It has been heartwarming to see the smiles and read the letters we have received from the ones featured here on the front page this month.  The rewards of years of hard work have shone through loud and clear.  While Barbara and I have not made it to the 60 year mark yet, after 53 years we could really relate to the stories laid out in front of us.  God’s path is quite clear in His word, a couple is to leave their mother and father and become one in God’s eyes, and their eyes, until death do us part.  This act, this combining to become one, is, has been and always will be, the very foundation of society as God planned it.  The rewards are unfathomable and to be treasured throughout all time.