McDowell Technical Community College

Celebrate Recovery Update

By Bruce Cannon

Mitchell County

Mitchell County’s Celebrate Recovery meets at Bear Creek Baptist Church, 327 Bear Creek Church Road, Bakersville, every Thursday evening at 7pm.  Following a time of teaching and worship small groups for men, women and families meet for support, encouragement and prayer.  Healing is taking place in the families and support is being given to those seeking to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

Some of the families attending are unable to get the one struggling with addiction to attend but they come by themselves for encouragement, instruction, prayer and help.

How families can help those struggling with addiction:

* Try not to accuse or judge. Avoid name calling.

*Do not enable. Do not provide excuses. Do not live in denial of this problem.

*Do not shield the addicted from the consequences of their addiction. People are more likely to change if they have suffered enough negative consequences.

*Set boundaries that you all agree on.

*If you want to provide financial support, buy the goods and services they need instead of giving them money that they might use to buy alcohol or drugs.

*Recognize and acknowledge the potential the addicted one has and promote that.

*Behave exactly as you would if your loved one had a serious illness.


How families can help themselves:

*Take care of yourself. Living with this problem is exhausting. Families also need time and help to recover.

*Work on your relationship with Christ.  You need Him now more than ever and He wants to help. Rest in Him.

*Avoid self-blame. You can’t control another person’s decisions, and you can’t force them to change.

*Ask for help. Share with those you can trust so they will be praying for you and for the addicted one.

*Attend recovery meetings so you may hear how God is helping others who are going through the same thing.

*If at all possible, try not to be negative. That may only increase their feelings of guilt and push them further into using.


If this ministry can be of help to you please feel welcome to join us.  More information may be obtained by calling Josh Wise at 828-385-0061 or Pastor Bruce Cannon at 910-876-2109.