McDowell Technical Community College

Life Lessons

Learning to Plow

Doug Harrell

When I turned 12 years old Dad came to me and said, Doug, you are big enough to learn to plow the fields with Jack and Jim.  Jack and Jim were our mules that we used to do the farming which included plowing, disking, mowing, raking, cultivating and hauling.  We had what is called a hillside plow, that is one that the actual plow part of the plow will swing from side to side, when you reach the end of the row you moved the plow to the other side so it would always throw the dirt the same way.  Perhaps many of you old timers like me will remember this.  It took a little training to get the swing down correctly and turn the plow, latch the blade and start back down the row.  Learning to get that first row straight was a key element in the whole process.  From a pride standpoint, you wanted to be able to brag about how straight your plowing was.   The way you did this was to pick out a point at the other end of the field and keep your eye on that point making sure the mules kept going straight to that point.

Philippians 3:14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.   This pressing toward the prize is keeping our focus on plowing the fields for Christ.  Also when I was 12 years old I gave my life to the Lord at a little church on the hill above our house, Pleasant Grove Church of the Brethren.  I would like to be able to say that from that day on I always worked at plowing the fields for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ but that would be a definite stretch.  There were certainly times that I fell far short of this commission and I give thanks to God each and every day for his saving grace.  I can say that even when I did things that were not to God’s liking, I was aware of it and knew in my heart that I was doing wrong.

Today, I feel that God has given our country another chance to turn back to his teachings, just this morning, I read that our current administration had reversed the federal mandate that bathrooms in schools must be transgender friendly!  Praise the Lord!  Hopefully the states will follow through on this as well.  We do not need our wives, daughters and granddaughters having to go to bathrooms and showers with some male that thinks he feels like a female today or vice versa.  We will have a window of opportunity here, but the battle will be fierce and the forces of evil will be loud and in our face.  We must continue to keep our eye on the goal, continue to stand firm but not with malice.  With love for our fellowman and a resolute determination to follow the teachings of our Lord and Savior.  All the while we must continue to pray for those that despitefully use us and continue to pray for guidance from above for ourselves, our leaders and most of all our pastors.  The teacher is held to a higher standard in God’s eyes and we need to be aware of this daily.  Continue to pray for a great revival in our nation.  God Bless all of you.

Farmer Doug