Month: March 2017

Life Lessons By Doug Harrell is a plowing lesson for all of us.

Life Lessons Learning to Plow Doug Harrell When I turned 12 years old Dad came to me and said, Doug, you are big enough to learn to plow the fields with Jack and Jim.  Jack and Jim were our mules that we used to do the farming which included plowing, disking, mowing, raking, cultivating and hauling.  We had what is called a hillside plow, that is one that the actual plow part of the plow will swing from side to side, when you reach the end of the row you moved the plow to the other side so it...

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Sustaining Bread by Lana Ellis A new post on Lana’s Lines explaining Christ’s view of bread

Lana’s Lines Sustaining Bread By Lana Ellis Tennessee While preparing to write concerning this month’s theme “Plow, Sow and Reap”, I came upon this quote by Thomas Jefferson that was too good to pass up.  He said, “Were we directed from Washington when to sow, and when to reap, we should soon want bread.”   Imagine the process that would be required if we depended on the government for our bread.  First a congressional committee is formed to discuss and debate the issue.  Meanwhile the sitting president appoints a Bread Czar.  However, after only a few days the czar has...

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On Mission by Rev. George Patton Jr. George talks about the trials and successes

On Mission Rwanda Newsletter By Rev. George Patton Jr. Burke County and the World As the sun begins to rise early on Mahama Camp in the eastern part of the country of Rwanda the day begins.  Children come running out of their homes as announcements are made over the loud speakers encouraging them not to be late for school.  Water stations begin to fill up with people going after water and smoke begins to rise in the sky from the communal kitchens placed throughout the camp.  The is how the day begins in one of the largest refugee camps...

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