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Lana’s Lines

A Him Named Hur

By Lana Ellis

In Exodus 17 Joshua’s army went up against the tribe of Amalek. On top of the hill overlooking the battle, Moses, as instructed by God, held the staff and stood with both hands raised.  As long as the hands of Moses were raised Joshua’s army advanced but when Moses’ hands grew heavy and dropped, the army of Amalek advanced.  Regaining strength Moses lifted his hands again and Israel’s army advanced. We don’t know how long the battle went back and forth before the plan was put into place in verse 12.  A stone was placed behind Moses and he sat down on it.  Then two men took their places on each side of Moses in order to support his raised hands.  In so doing by the end of the day Joshua’s army was victorious and Israel’s enemy was defeated.

Aaron, the brother of Moses, was one of the two men.  Much is written about Aaron and the important role he played in God’s plan for Israel.  He was basically known as Moses’ right hand man. So I visualize him holding high the right hand of Moses during the battle.   Who then held up the other hand?  Who else but a “Him named Hur.” Unlike Aaron little is known about the “Him named Hur.”  Other than the account of the battle with Amalek Hur is mentioned one other time. In Exodus 24:14 as Moses was preparing to go up to receive God’s instructions for the Tabernacle he told the people that if any legal matters arose they were to bring them before Aaron and Hur.  This one statement tells us a lot about Hur.  Even though seemly he lived in the shadow of Moses and Aaron he evidently was endowed with wisdom and discernment and highly trusted by Moses.

The scene at the top of the hill overlooking the ongoing battle paints a beautiful picture of the Trinity.  In the center is Moses representing God. This is not too big a stretch since God says in Exodus 4:16 that Moses will be as God to Aaron.  At the right side of Moses is High Priest Aaron, a type of Jesus.  Just as Aaron was a mouthpiece for Moses, Jesus in the flesh was the mouth of God and now sits at the right hand of God interceding for us as our High Priest.  As promised after the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, a Helper came in the form of the Holy Spirit – One alongside – portrayed in our picture by the “Him named Hur.”


I was introduced to the “Him named Hur” in a sermon by Youth Pastor Neal emphasizing the responsibility of church members to be available when needed.   According to First Corinthians 12:7 as believers and followers of Jesus Christ we have been given spiritual gifts for the common good of the local body of Christ.  These include, but are not limited to, wisdom, knowledge, discernment, teaching, giving and helping.  So whether we are a “him” or a “her” all of us should be available and willing to come along side as needed and there is no better example to follow than the “Him named Hur.”