McDowell Technical Community College

Snow Hill Baptist Church

No Regrets Family Ministry-Super Mom

By Pastor Dean Honeycutt

Mitchell County

Who works 7 days a week, is on call 24 hours a day, holds down more than one job, rises early and goes to bed late, cooks, cleans, nurses, chauffeurs, teaches, referees, pulls teeth, is a philosopher, and theologian?  You guessed it, a mother. Mothers do everything and they have to wear all kinds of hats. And what amazes me; they do such a great job doing all the things each day requires. One moment they are fixing a broken toy or putting batteries in a flashlight, and the next they are soothing a hurting child putting a band aid on a scratch. That is why moms are super heroes and I am thankful we set aside a day to honor them. As others have often quoted “the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”

God made mothers to do all the things fathers cannot do. We have five children so I know firsthand there are things Pam can do with the children that I can’t. Mothers have a way with children that are very special.  One gift I have noticed is patience. Mothers have a lot more patience with children than fathers. I was ready to explode after seeing one of our children’s art work inscribed on our wall. The little tike was so proud of what she had accomplished. Moms are patient and understanding that they are just learning to scribble and need some place to practice those fine motor skills, while I am frustrated that they do not know the difference between a piece of paper and my newly varnished wood wall.  Praise the Lord we still have evidence of these precious little drawings on our walls. Today, they are reminders of how fast children grow up. Our walls are safe now that the kids are older and have learned they are not interior decorators. Mothers teach us that children are a precious gift from the Lord and that with a little patience they will grow up and all the little things they got into will be stories we laugh about when they are grown.

I always liked the way my mom and my wife would fight off a pack of lions for me or for our children. When it comes to protecting children there is nothing more furious than a mother’s wrath. I get tickled when I am at a ball game and the dads are watching calmly, but the moms are ready to go onto the field and tell the reef a thing or two. My mom always made sure I respected adults and if I was in the wrong you better believe mama was going to spank me. However, if mama thought I was not being treated fairly she was there to defend me. That is a mother’s instinct to protect her children.  I remember one time when I made a mud pie and it fit perfectly onto a neighbor’s face. The only thing you could see was the poor kid’s eyes peeping out through that mud. I thought I was going to get into trouble because with child in hand the other mother came down to the house to discuss what had just happened. I was looking out the window to see if I could tell what mama’s reaction would be because the boy’s face was still covered in mud and mama could see what I had done. Mama came in and started to laugh at the mud mask my neighbor was wearing. Mama knew what had happened and that I was taking up for my little brother. I connected with my mom that day because I knew that no matter what happens mama would have my back. Mama would make me mind and respect adults but she would also be there for me when I was in the right.

A mother’s love is incredible. I believe it is the closest expression to God’s love. I will never forget a picture I saw in the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. We were looking at the documentary of atrocities of the Holocaust (Hitler’s persecution and annihilation of Jews during World War II) and I saw a picture of a mother holding her toddler in her arms caressing the child’s cheeks making him laugh.  Little did the child know he was standing in a massacre line of Jewish families just before they were riddled with bullets from machine guns by German soldiers. But this brave mom facing the firing squad not concerned about her own life, but for a little bit of joy she could bring her child before death. I left the museum crying, knowing that a mother’s love for a child is somewhat comparable to God’s love for us.

God gave His only Son for us. Jesus died so we might have life. I know that my wife and mother would give their life for their children. A mother has a self sacrificing love.  I think about Mary the mother of Jesus even though the birth of Christ is a miracle, I cannot help but think how Mary must have felt to see Jesus suffering on the cross. And while Jesus was on the cross he looked at John and said “behold your mother”, and the Bible says that disciple took Mary into his home and took care of her. Praise the Lord for God’s incredible love we cannot explain but a love we can know through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  Upon receiving Christ as Savior and Lord, the Son looks at the Father and says behold your child, and the Father receives us into His family and patiently cares for us, protects us, and loves us unconditionally.

I would like to pay tribute to my mother-n-law Inez Self. She is with Jesus now and we miss her terribly. Thank God for all godly mothers. We love you. Mothers, you do a wonderful job, and that’s why you are my superhero, because nobody can do your job better than you.  Live life with “No Regrets.”

Happy Mother’s Day,

Pastor Dean Honeycutt