McDowell Technical Community College

Celebrate Recovery

Community Support

By Barbara Harrell

Mitchell County

Praise God, people are beginning to recognize the importance of dealing with the drug issues head on.  This region, as well as the entire state and region, are losing too many young people to this horrible disease.  What’s to be done, though.  Many community agencies, churches, and law enforcement are beginning to come together.  For some time, I have felt the faith community has been working on their own and the other entities have been doing the same thing.  Our community is coming together with a representative panel of interested people to try and come up with some directions we can all go in together.

A meeting for Celebrate Recovery is held each Thursday at 7:00 pm at Bear Creek Church but it is not just a church ministry.  It is a community effort with multiple pastors, concerned citizens, users, recovering users as well as family members.

This past Thursday, Doug and I attended and heard a heart-rending testimony from Josh Wise. (We ran his story in the paper this past January.)  The response of the law enforcement so touched me.  They were Christians and they were such a support for him.  If we as the Christian community could wrap our minds around the fact that these are good people. They are God’s children. They deserve the love and concern from us that anybody does.  We never have to like or love the act, but God does expect us to love and be concerned for the person. We need to wrap our arms around these people.  So often we hear from young people, how they feel inferior or left out or …  Many times, this leads to peer pressure to do things they know are wrong.  Many times, they start on prescription medicine to make them “feel” better. What if some of these kids on the fringes had a person they felt comfortable with and could go to, to talk to and help them work through these issues.  Sometimes parents can fill that role but not always.  We as a united community need to fill that role also.  Sometimes all we can do is pray, but that is essential to resolving some of these issues.  (Josh Wise leads the celebrate meetings on each Thursday night)

Get rid of just some of the addictions and you also solve overcrowded prisons, much of the poverty, and lower the number of children in foster care.

(Brother Chris Allen speaking at the meeting Thursday Night.)


Some of the things each of us can do:

  1. Help law enforcement –share if you know where some of the drugs are being passed or used. Ask them to help with your loved one if that is appropriate
  2. Get involved in your schools and your children’s lives—know where they are, and not just physically.
  3. Get information on what is available in our area to help
  4. Change attitudes on the worthiness of these individuals
  5. Donate time to be a mentor to a child who doesn’t have that support system
  6. Keep prescriptions put up and out of way of children or others