McDowell Technical Community College

Lana’s Lines

Mothers – Then and Now

By Lana Ellis

She had protected him as long as she could.  If she didn’t do something soon her baby boy would die.  With shaking hands Jochebed gently laid him in a basket beside the river in hopes that he would be protected.  In Vietnam the baby was sick and needed care that her mother was not able to give her.  The Vietnamese mother placed her baby girl at the door of a mission in hopes that someone would rescue her.

With compassion the Princess looked into the face of baby Moses lying in the basket beside the Nile River.  Giving in to her motherly instinct she convinced her father, the baby-killing king of Egypt, to allow her to keep the baby as her own. Likewise in east Tennessee my daughter-in-law, mother of three, still had an empty spot in her mother-heart.  She and my son became the parents of Jenna, the same baby who had been placed at the door of the Vietnam mission a couple of years before.

Her name was Mary.  She was pregnant.  How was she to respond?  Choose God’s way or the world’s way?  She chose life for her child and as a result she became the mother of Jesus, the Messiah.  She raised him according to the laws of God.  She taught him the importance of meeting with other believers and watched as he became a teacher of the Scriptures. Then Mary stepped aside to allow him do the work he was called to do but she remained his faithful mother all his days on the earth.

Her name was Ruth.  She chose to give birth to me and five other children.  She taught us by example the ways of the Lord.  Faithfully she involved us with Christian believers and saw us grow as students of the Scriptures.  Always staying within reach and constantly praying she stepped aside and allowed the six of us to do the work we were called to do as adults.

Thank God for the examples of these six mothers and those like them:

Jochebed and the Vietnamese Mother who sacrificially loved their children.

Adoptive mothers like the Princess and my Daughter-in-law.

Mary and Ruth, mothers who chose life and lovingly raised their children.