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Leaving a Legacy

By Pastor Rick Mercer

Burke County

Oswald Glait repeatedly risked his life for Bible truths.  Authorities captured him in 1545 while he was on an evangelistic mission in central Europe.  He spent a year and six weeks in jail, until awakened at midnight by the thunderous footsteps of soldiers marching down the hall.  The mercenaries bound him hand and foot, dragged him through the city, and cast him into the Danube.  They little realized that the truth he gave his life for, like ripples created by a rock thrown into a pond, would rapidly spread throughout central Europe.

Oswald took the long view of life, looking beyond his immediate circumstances.  He knew his influence would continue beyond his immediate death.  He had confidence that the truth he died for would eventually triumph.

Most people live for the immediacy of the moment.  They are concerned with the present.  Their concern is with what happens to them now.  They are absorbed in self-interest.

This great man of faith (and many others down through the centuries) viewed life from a different perspective.  Pleasing God absorbed their attention.  Living for Christ consumed them.  Faithfulness to His truth meant everything to them. With the apostle Paul they proclaimed, “I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 3:14).

What kind of legacy will you leave for those whose lives touch yours?  Is it a legacy of compromise or commitment? A legacy of complacency or consecration?  The witness of Oswald Glait echoes down the corridors of time, calling us to commitment today.  It calls us to deeper dedication, to “stand for the right though the heavens fall.”  Our Lord asks us not only to be willing to die for Him, but also to live for Him now and forever.

When I think of the word “legacy”…it turns me toward thinking about the men in our lives otherwise known as “Dad” or “Father.”

In this day and time, we must be intentional about “passing” a legacy consistent to our beliefs to our children.  If not, culture is sure to do it without our permission which often has a negative end.

I am thankful for my dad and the many others who have made the effort to leave a solid legacy in my life.  The following are just a few thoughts to help foster “leaving a legacy.”

  1. Make sure your children know that Jesus loves EVERYONE! And that God is personal, loving and will forgive us.
  2. Make spiritual activities a routine part of life.
  3. Clarify timeless truth—what’s right and wrong.
  4. Incorporate spiritual principles into everyday living.
  5. Make sure God is viewed as a personal, caring being who is to be loved and  respected.

Have a Happy Father’s Day!!

Pastor Rick


Rick Mercer is the pastor of the Morganton Seventh-day Adventist church at 2187 Jamestown Rd. Morganton.  Rick and Cindy can be reached at 870-820-3549 or  Check out  Their passion is to share the love of Jesus with all who will listen.