Month: July 2017

One Act of Kindness by Cindy Mercer can change your world.

Morganton Seven-Day Adventist Church One Act of Kindness By Rick and Cindy Mercer Burke County   I don’t know about you…but it seems to me that bad news and “unrest” is all around us these days.  It only takes turning on the TV to your favorite news channel or checking today’s “headline notifications” on your electronic devices to find out that distress and calamity saturate the world we live in today. Honestly my spirits are lifted when I see a Facebook post or someone calls you up to tell you of a “random act of kindness.”  For a brief...

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Costelluzza:The Solemn Reminder by Tim Tron is highlighting a trip to The Alps

Tim’s Treasures Costelluzza: The Solemn Reminder By Timothy W. Tron Burke County The rocks were damp to the touch, but the coolness and relief from the flies was refreshing. The climb through the forest was intense. All around the sparse trail, plush ferns grew, blanketing the forest floor. Here and there, granite boulders peaked above the greenery, their stillness matching that of the tree trunks that stood towering to the canopy overhead. Only two days before, we had scaled a mountain reaching 9137 feet while watching the world from high above the tall waterfall that cascades down into the...

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Chronicles on the Funny Farm has Clint playing in ancient COW MANURE

The Rest of the Story Clint and I worked several months together here on the farm and I do believe that this was one of the most hilarious events we had happen during that six-month period of time.  My great uncle, Hal Byrd, built a cattle shed on the side of an old chicken house that Aunt Mae Byrd had used.  The shed roof did not have much pitch and was prone to leak quite bad.  I had been working on it and built a feed lot around the barn so we would have an additional place to work...

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Perilous Times By Pastor Dan Qurollo shares with us what we should be doing in these times.

Morganton Baptist Church Perilous Times By Pastor Dan Qurollo Burke County The Bible perfectly describes the times in which we live as being “perilous times.”  Each day we turn on the news, it seems as though the threats of war continue to rise.  Terror attacks continue to increase and nuclear threats continue to mount as man becomes further from God.  News of scandals and lies across the world take the front page of the newspaper.  The times in which we live are full of danger. Yet they are also full of opportunity.  As one studies the book of Acts, we find ordinary individuals taking a bold stand on the Word of God, regardless of what it might cost them.  Some were imprisoned; others were executed.  Yet they boldly proclaimed the truth of God’s Word to a society that desperately needed it.  They did not allow their message to be governed by acceptance of the masses.  They instead took every opportunity to share the Word of God.  We too must boldly take every opportunity God gives us.  We have no idea how long we may have before it is eternally too late. These days are also full of gratitude.  While it is disheartening to see how far America has digressed from the Word of God, it is incredible to think of the tremendous sacrifices made so that we could enjoy...

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I am certain that the Blue Ridge Christian News is a credible and respected news outlet. However it is disturbing that on it's July issue it quotes George Washington "It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the bible" . I am also certain that most Americans respect and admire Washington's accomplishments. BUT, the separation between the church and state must be maintained to ensure integrity of government. Thanks ...

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