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Mine Creek Baptist Church

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By Preacher Chris

Mitchell County

Throughout my life I’ve heard stories from people about God doing miracles. And all my life I have always believed that God does miracles. There are things that happen that can only be explained by the supernatural intervention of God. Books have been written of things that happen that no one can explain. Some will simply ignore and even just refuse to believe such events. In my 45 years of life I’ve witnessed a few. I remember listening to folks from the older generation (some already passed away) of how people prayed and others were healed. Uncle Dallas (Rev. Dallas Renfro) tells of how my Mammie (Lucy Atkins) and others came to his house and prayed for him when he was a young boy. He was on crutches and pretty well would have been all his life. People from churches in the community came and prayed over him. In a couple of weeks, he threw the crutches on top of an old building and has been “wide open” his whole life.

There are probably some reading this who are already asking that age old question, “If God can heal, how come He didn’t heal _____?” Well, that’s a question I’ve pondered myself on many occasions. Even though I can’t answer, it still doesn’t change my faith in God. Faith isn’t always thinking, “If I just believe enough, God will answer!” Faith is choosing to trust God even if He doesn’t give me that answer I wanted. There are a lot of things in this old world that I will never understand, but I trust those things to God. This past Saturday God gave me an experience however, to remind me that there are times when we can see the hand of God very clearly.

Saturday was about like any other Saturday at our house. Michelle was working the breakfast shift at the steakhouse and had an appointment to get her hair done. Reuben had invited his friend Conner over to spend the night on Friday night. They had requested to go fishing Saturday morning. After letting them sleep in a little, I woke them up and fixed breakfast and we were off to the fishing hole by 9 a.m. After fishing a couple hours, we returned home around 12. That’s when things got interesting at the Rathbone’s!

Before I fixed lunch for the boys, Reuben requested to ride the Polaris UTV with his friend. Being a little hesitant, I almost said no. But you know how that look is that boys give you when they really want to do something. So, I told them to buckle up and be careful. Barely 10-15 minutes had gone by when my phone rang. It was Reuben.

  My first thought was the UTV had broken down. When I answered the phone all I could hear was him screaming and saying something about a broken leg. My heart dropped! He finally calmed enough to tell me where they were located and I ran as fast as I could. There was the UTV on its side. Reuben was still buckled in but his foot was trapped underneath the vehicle. Reaching down I grabbed hold of the roll cage and tried to lift but could only lift it a couple inches. The words flowed from my lips before I realized what I was saying. “Lord Jesus, I need your help!” With his buddy Conner beside me doing all he could, with all I had in me, I lifted the machine back up on its wheels with my son still buckled in the seat. Let me tell you first thing, that it wasn’t me that lifted that machine! With all my heart, I believe that the Lord helped me and Conner. My son’s injuries were not necessarily life threatening, but had he been trapped like that long they certainly could have been serious for sure. By His grace, God helped us. He