Month: July 2017

Perilous Times By Pastor Dan Qurollo shares with us what we should be doing in these times.

Morganton Baptist Church Perilous Times By Pastor Dan Qurollo Burke County The Bible perfectly describes the times in which we live as being “perilous times.”  Each day we turn on the news, it seems as though the threats of war continue to rise.  Terror attacks continue to increase and nuclear threats continue to mount as man becomes further from God.  News of scandals and lies across the world take the front page of the newspaper.  The times in which we live are full of danger. Yet they are also full of opportunity.  As one studies the book of Acts, we find ordinary individuals taking a bold stand on the Word of God, regardless of what it might cost them.  Some were imprisoned; others were executed.  Yet they boldly proclaimed the truth of God’s Word to a society that desperately needed it.  They did not allow their message to be governed by acceptance of the masses.  They instead took every opportunity to share the Word of God.  We too must boldly take every opportunity God gives us.  We have no idea how long we may have before it is eternally too late. These days are also full of gratitude.  While it is disheartening to see how far America has digressed from the Word of God, it is incredible to think of the tremendous sacrifices made so that we could enjoy...

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Freedom by Doug Harrell looks at real freedom on the New Life Lessons

Life Lessons Freedom By Doug Harrell When we think of freedom we think of many different things.  As we approach July 4th we think of Independence Day, fireworks, parades, picnics and family fun.  We think about being Americans, being able to be “One Nation Under God, Indivisible, With Freedom for All”.  Have you ever really stopped and thought about what really brings us freedom?  What kind of freedom do you value most? As a child, how much freedom were you allowed and how much should you be allowed.  Proverbs 29:15 The rod and reproof give wisdom; but a child...

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Our Nation’s Godly and Christian Heritage is Pastor Chris Rathbone’s focus this month.

Mine Creek Baptist Church Our Nation’s Godly & Christian Heritage By Preacher Chris Rathbone Mitchell County Listening to how many people talk today, one would be led to believe that our nation was founded by a bunch of atheists. They want us to think that our founding fathers wanted God, The Holy Bible, and Jesus completely left out of the public and political square. They want us to believe that these men had no moral basis or compass on which they founded this great nation known as the United States of America. They attempt to justify certain “rights” or...

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Lana’s Lines this month takes a look at the Star Spangled Banner.

Lana’s Lines Oh, Say Can You See? By Lana Ellis Tennessee   For twenty-five exhausting hours Baltimore’s Fort McHenry was bombarded by the greatest naval power in the world.  About eight miles away a thirty-five year old lawyer boarded an enemy ship to negotiate the release of his friend who had been taken prisoner.  Even after a successful release negotiation had been reached the two men could not leave the ship due to the intense raging battle.  After a restless night amid the noise of war they noticed the silence.  Peering anxiously through the smoke filled air they beheld...

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