McDowell Technical Community College

Celebrate Recovery

Unity of Purpose

By Barbara Harrell

Part of our Mission Statement here at Blue Ridge Christian News is to further the Unity of the Body of Christ.  In thinking about what is happening in the world of drugs, drug prevention, and help for drug addicts, I have had my eyes opened to some of the major things we are dealing with in society today.

Unity in these areas could go a long way to improving the success rate in both prevention and recovery.  Too often the faith-based community is totally left out in this equation.  What could happen if all our churches, law enforcement, court system, and governmental agencies were working together to conquer these issues.

Doug and I have been working with two young people who are trying to navigate these waters.  Many issues have arisen from having classes on a Sunday morning, making  Church attendance  impossible as well as using profanity to let these students know that this is not at all important anyway, to delaying and not answering calls for having meetings on court mandated community service so it becomes a hardship to getting this done.

What could happen if all these agencies worked together to coordinate and provide appropriate   services for what is needed even allowing some of the faith-based programs to be used.  We did run into one man in a government agency who told one of these young people that attending church when the doors were open and going to a church sponsored drug program was sufficient when otherwise she would have to drive to an adjoining county.

What would happen if our churches would warmly embrace these people and let them know that they would there for them—praying or whatever they could do to help.

What would happen if people were united in concern for individuals, churches and organizations.

We might be celebrating more recoveries.