McDowell Technical Community College

Berry Chapel Baptist Church

 What Is Life

By Pastor Steve Williams

Mitchell County

The Bible tells us a lot about life. James 4:14 says …. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. Our lives have also been compared with grass that withereth away, and flowers that fadeth away. All three of these comparisons tell us a great truth about Life, “It Is Short.” So, if life is short, what must we do with it? We must do all we can to line up our lives with the Word of God and be the person God wants us to be. Sounds simple, but it is a very hard thing to do.

When you ask people, what is life they will give you different answers. It’s Wonderful, It’s Challenging, It’s Hard to Understand, It’s Depressing, It’s Not Fair and you could just keep on going, but Life is really just how you look at it. The other day I was sitting in my study thinking about this question. What Is Life? And I thought, people are looking for happiness in life. They are looking for something to give them some rest and relaxation. They’re searching for something that will fill a void they have in their lives, and they will try many different things to do this. People get involved in many different activities, trying to find just what they are looking for. Then I look up and see my Golf Clubs sitting in the corner, and it came to me that life is like a game of Golf. Now before you quit reading this article or say I’m not interested in golf, or I don’t care about golf, or that Golf doesn’t have anything to do with God, Please, read just a little further. Give me a chance to explain to you what I believe God has shown me as I was sitting there thinking about this question “What Is Life? Life is finding God and learning about God. It’s called Christianity. That’s What Life Really is about.

Now, if I were to tell you that life is like a game of golf, the first thing a lot of people would say is, Steve, golf and Christianity have nothing in common. Well if you’ll let me make a comparison between Golf and Christianity. I believe it will become clear.

People say Golf is a senseless game because all you are doing is chasing a little white ball all over the place trying to get it in a hole.

Life with Out God is also senseless because you are chasing nothing, expecting to find something, only to be let down.

Golf is Difficult, and you must Practice it to be good at it.

Christianity is also difficult, and it too must be Practiced Daily if we expect to get better at it.

Golf is all about being Consistent in obtaining a better score.

Christianity is about living a consistent life for the Lord, every day, so we may develop a better life.

Now in Golf there’s a Starting Point, you must tee the ball up to get started.

Christianity starts with God, when you Believe in God and Accept Him to be your personal Savior.

In Golf, you need to line up with the ball before you hit it if you expect it to go where you want it to.

Christianity, your life must line up with God’s Word if you expect to experience what God has in store for you.

Golf you have to Keep your eye on the ball to make a good hit.

Christianity, you must keep your eyes on God so you can follow Him.

Golf you must follow through on your swing, because if you don’t, you will either hook or slice, or you will see your ball go in the wrong direction.

Christianity, you must follow through in your walk with God, or you will find yourself going the wrong way.

Golf you must beware of all the different hazards on the course, like Water, High Grass, Woods, and the Out of bounds areas.

Christianity, you must beware of the traps of Satan that he has set, Distraction, Temptations, Choices, you have to make along the way.

And in golf, if you do all things you’ll still have some bad shots along the way, but over all you have a better game.

And in Christianity, if you do all these things you’re still going to have bad days, hard times, and life will not always make sense, but you will develop a better and stronger life.

      Life’s Victories don’t come by accident, it comes by practice, and until we start practicing what God’s Word tells us we are going to find ourselves in a rough predicament.

     Fact: The reason I’m not good in golf is because I don’t practice enough. Could this be the reason so many struggle with their Christian life, there is not enough practice taking place?

                                                                            Pastor Steve Williams


Words of Wisdom:

  • Only God can change my life, so I must choose Him. N/A
  • There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why. William Barclay
  • Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. N/A
  • Life is full of happiness and tears; be strong and have faith. N/A
  • The good life is one inspired by love and guided by the Lord. N/A



A Little Laughter

A little girl, late for Sunday School, was running as fast as she could toward church. As she ran, she prayed, “Dear Jesus, please don’t make me late for Sunday School.” Just as she was in sight of the church, she tripped and fell, bruising her knee and dirtying her clothes. Undisturbed, the little girl got up and started running again, this time praying, “Dear Lord, please don’t make me late for Sunday School, but please don’t push me, either.”