McDowell Technical Community College

Morganton Baptist Church

Why, God?

By Pastor Dan Qurollo

Burke County

We face real life events that often cause us all to ask the question “Why?” Why did God allow a deranged gunman to open fire on a large crowd of concert attendees, killing many and wounding hundreds? Our community struggles to understand why God allowed one of our own firefighters to be killed while serving our community. Why does God allow loved ones to experience the horror of cancer? Why does God allow loved ones and friends to pass unexpectedly?

These are obviously questions for which there are no easy “cookie-cutter” answers. In some cases, we may believe we know the answer or at least have a good idea regarding the answer. In many cases, we are speechless as we try to rationalize that which God has allowed. If we are honest, we have felt at times that it even seems unjust.

When we are faced with circumstances we simply do not understand, we must learn to respond to these circumstances Biblically. God often does not reveal the reasons behind why He allows certain things; if He did, that would eliminate the need for faith. How do we respond when these things happen?

  1. Remain confident in God’s nature. Regardless of what we face in life, we must remain firm in our conviction that God is always faithful and that God is always good. An unwavering confidence in God’s nature enables us to respond properly to these difficult circumstances. When we begin to question God’s nature, we will often find ourselves bitter at what God has allowed.
  2. Trust that God knows best. Often, we mistakenly feel that we have a better idea of how to handle something or how something should be resolved. We have little understanding and certainly do not know what is best. Our perspective is limited; the finite will never understand the Infinite. We therefore place these difficult circumstances in God’s hand with the confidence that He knows best.
  3. Trust that God is at work. He may be using difficulties to draw us back to Him or to draw someone else to Him to be saved. He may be refining our spiritual character. He may be doing many things, but we must maintain an unwavering confidence that God is at work.
  4. Submit to God’s plan. Rather than arguing and questioning His plan, learn to submit to it. We know it is always best, yet we often struggle when our ideas are not reality. These are the moments when true submission to God is evidenced.

It is possible – and even expected – to respond Biblically to the challenges of life. Doing so is essential to maintaining a proper, God-honoring attitude, even when life does not make sense.