McDowell Technical Community College

Morganton Seventh-Day Adventists Church

Thankful to be Giving

By Rick and Cindy Mercer

Burke County

Hundreds of academic professionals gathered to honor a man who had earned a Nobel Prize in science.  During the preliminary ceremonies his wife waited backstage with the wives of other men who would be honored also.  The wife of the Nobel Prize winner didn’t seem particularly excited.  The other women asked her why.

“How can I be happy with a husband like that?” she asked, and went on to describe a rather pathetic home life.

Immediately the other women chimed in. “Why, that’s my story exactly!”  All had the same experience of neglect and abuse.

While cameras flashed on the stage and dignitaries gave admiring speeches, a very different story was unveiled backstage.  Those closest to the honorees could only describe a common misery.

It is one thing to be right.  It is another thing to be nice.  It is possible to have a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient), but a very low KQ (Kindness Quotient).

KQ or Kindness Quotient has to do with our interpersonal relations.  Success in life results not simply from how smart we are, but from how we treat other people.  The kindness factor makes all the difference.

Kindness is one of God’s attractive attributes.  He is “gracious and merciful, slow to anger, abundant in kindness” (Neh.9:17).

The psalmist asserts, “His merciful kindness is great toward us” (Ps.117:2).

  Kindness looks for opportunities to do others good.  It delights in making others happy.  Kindness is not demanding; it is giving.

As we approach Thanksgiving, consider a little extra tenderness in your heart.  We have so much to be thankful for!  It is easy to quickly say we are thankful for our family, a job, or even food on the table.  But what about the mail carrier who delivers your mail and packages in a variety of weather elements almost every day or the co-worker that goes the extra mile to help you with a task at your job?  Then, there is the unexpected card or phone call of encouragement that arrives exactly when you need it the most.

Think of what the atmosphere in our homes would be like if we all were a little kinder.  Think of what the workplace would be like if we were a little kinder.  Think of what our schools, our churches, and our committees would be like if we were a little kinder.

Just like fruit trees produce fruit…Kindness produces kindness.  The people around us often reflect back the attitudes we project toward them.  They are like mirrors imaging what we are.

We sometimes feel “empty-handed” in the giving department, but surely we can find a little kindness to give each day.  We truly can be thankful to give!

The little girl was on target who one night prayed, “Lord, help all the bad people to be good, and help all the good people to be kind.”

Why not think of someone you can perform an act of kindness for today?  You will be thankful that you did! There really is “Thanks” in the “giving.”