Month: November 2017

I Don’t Want to Talk About It by Jason Koon is a lesson in Social and Economic Justice.

Bridge42 Church I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Part One By Jason Koon Burke County There are certain issues in the evangelical world that are hot button issues. Denouncing abortion, same-sex marriage, sports on Sundays, or gender-neutral bathrooms plays well in Evangelical circles, and while blogging about them may run the risk of drawing the ire of liberal detractors, most of us who are in the blogosphere know that accumulating liberal detractors can be a big key to success for a Christian blog. There are also certain key issues that everybody in the evangelical world should be talking...

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Thankful to Be Giving by Rick and Cindy Mercer Sends a Thanksgiving Message.

Morganton Seventh-Day Adventists Church Thankful to be Giving By Rick and Cindy Mercer Burke County Hundreds of academic professionals gathered to honor a man who had earned a Nobel Prize in science.  During the preliminary ceremonies his wife waited backstage with the wives of other men who would be honored also.  The wife of the Nobel Prize winner didn’t seem particularly excited.  The other women asked her why. “How can I be happy with a husband like that?” she asked, and went on to describe a rather pathetic home life. Immediately the other women chimed in. “Why, that’s my...

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Forgiveness:It’s Not An Options by Kurt Bomar is High Priority

Walnut Grove Church Forgiveness: It’s not an Option By Kurt Bomar Avery County Have you been hurt by someone so deeply that you don’t think you have the capacity to forgive them?  No doubt evil people do evil things to good people and they aren’t worth forgiving. But is that the issue? In the Jewish culture their system of bankruptcy was to sell themselves to their creditor and work off the debt. God had an interesting rule he wanted his people to follow regarding this practice. No matter what the debt was, as the end of every seven years,...

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Why, God? by Pastor Dan Qurollo gives us a response to circumstances in life that doesn’t make sense.

Morganton Baptist Church Why, God? By Pastor Dan Qurollo Burke County We face real life events that often cause us all to ask the question “Why?” Why did God allow a deranged gunman to open fire on a large crowd of concert attendees, killing many and wounding hundreds? Our community struggles to understand why God allowed one of our own firefighters to be killed while serving our community. Why does God allow loved ones to experience the horror of cancer? Why does God allow loved ones and friends to pass unexpectedly? These are obviously questions for which there are...

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Clint’s Chronicles on the Funny Farm–Too–Too Funny

The Rest of the Story By Farmer Doug Clint does not need an introduction or conclusion to this one.  Laughter all the way from start to finish.     Funny Farm   Dear friends,   Regular readers of this column understand that I am a rather poor excuse for a farmer. For the politically correct, I might be called “agriculturally challenged”. Whatever your term of endearment for my agrarian prowess, you must admit there are few dull moments when I am “one with the land”! Those of you who have never been a farmer – like me – need...

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