McDowell Technical Community College

Kid’s Corner

Through the Eyes of a Child:

Hanging Upside Down in the Apple Tree

By Barbara Harrell

I’ve been spending too much time hanging from that old gargled apple tree.  Skinning up that rough trunk to find the best seat in the house.  And then, the sky is limitless, blue with those puffy white clouds.  Look, there goes the one chasing the other.  I wonder what is over that ridge and how many miles is it to the nearest  house?  What makes the mountains stay in place?  Where does the green come from in the leaves?

Opps! —here comes old Pet.  She will be needing to be milked here shortly.  Not my favorite job, but the milk sure is good, especially when we just squirt it in our mouths.  Sis and I like to make a game with it.

Just down the hill, I see Pap hitching that mule to the plow.  He will be getting the cold winter ground ready for warm spring plants.  I love squishing my toes into the dirt and feeling the warmth, and thinking about just a few weeks and I can sneak into the garden and eat some of the produce.  It is so much better than after it goes to the kitchen.


Oh, over yonder on the hill is the cemetery.  We always called it the graveyard.  It is our best place to play.  A wonderful seat has grown between two trees and it is just above Onella’s grave.  She was my aunt, but she didn’t live.  Lot’s of children buried in that graveyard.  Fun to play with them and take our tea set up, so we can share our tea.  Sometimes we sweep the ground and make a house.  Onella can’t tell us, but we think she loves our playtime.  People laugh at us for playing in the graveyard, but it is so quiet and peaceful here.

Mama Nat just called and in a bit, I have to go get the potatoes for supper from the root cellar.  It is scary down there.  Dark and damp, with mice scurrying around.  It has wonderful smells though.  The apples, potatoes, squash, big crocks of pickled beans and corn blend together to tickle my taste buds.

Wow, if I twist just a little in my tree, I can see way over yonder on that distant hill.  I dream a lot about what is over there.  When I grow up I will journey over that ridge and then that mountain and I will see what lies over there.  I wonder if God lives there.  Is that where heaven is?

We have been learning in Sunday School that God created all of this.  He must be an awesome person with lots of knowledge.  How did He know to make the sky blue? Or the grass green?  I need to remember to ask when I go to Sunday School next Sunday.

I love hanging in this tree upside down.  It makes the world look upside down.  The sky is on the bottom and the green is on the top.

Hanging upside down in the apple tree can help make sense of the world in a child’s eyes.  God’s world is a beautiful place!!