Author: Barbara Harrell

Look to Jesus in the New Year by Rick and Cindy Mercer. It is a God Prospective.

Morganton Seventh-Day Adventist Church Look to Jesus in the New Year! By Rick and Cindy Mercer Burke County   One time I read a story about a mother who had lost two young sons, a 3- year old boy and a 16-month old baby boy.  Both had drowned in a backyard swimming pool. And after a difficult period of grief she managed to refocus her vision.  She began looking at Jesus intently. She realized her life was worth living if God could use her in some way.  She surrendered her life into His hands, placing her complete trust in...

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Inherited Capital by Dr. Mark Creech looks at the Prodigal Son in a whole new light.

Christian Action League of NC Inherited Capital By Dr. Mark Creech  In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus told a parable about a son who took the inheritance bequeathed to him and wasted it on “riotous living” until he became destitute. When he realized the foolish way he had acted, he returned to his father in hopes of being received as a simple servant, but instead, the father restored him royally. Many call it the parable of the Prodigal Son. Not long ago, I found a copy of an old devotional written in 1942 by the Episcopal Church based on...

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Plumtree Team in Uganda by Pastor Ryan Bridgeo

Plumtree Presbyterian Church Plumtree Team Goes to Uganda By Pastor Ryan Bridgeo Avery County I was lying in bed one morning in early October and God spoke to me. He said, “I want you to go to Uganda before the end of this year.” The next morning, I heard God say it again, “I want you to go to Uganda before the end of this year.” I had in mind to ask two of my friends from church to go with me. I checked the cost of the flights and it was around $1000 each. Immediately after this I...

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Upside Down In the Apple Tree by Barbara Harrell sees life back then through a child’s eyes

Kid’s Corner Through the Eyes of a Child: Hanging Upside Down in the Apple Tree By Barbara Harrell I’ve been spending too much time hanging from that old gargled apple tree.  Skinning up that rough trunk to find the best seat in the house.  And then, the sky is limitless, blue with those puffy white clouds.  Look, there goes the one chasing the other.  I wonder what is over that ridge and how many miles is it to the nearest  house?  What makes the mountains stay in place?  Where does the green come from in the leaves? Opps! —here...

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A New Beginning by Jacob Willis is exactly that–A New Beginning!

Yancey County Hospice “A New Beginning” By Jacob Willis Yancey County If I knew back then what I know now, then life would be different.  I don’t know how many times I have heard this said.  It could refer to missed opportunities, missed fortunes, missed relationships, missed education, or missed spiritual blessings.  The statement refers to buyer’s remorse.  A friend of mine in High School bought his first new truck, a Chevrolet. It was shiny and new with all the bells and whistles.  He drove the vehicle for about a month and then it began to leak, and then...

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