McDowell Technical Community College

Snow Hill Baptist Church

No Regrets Family -The greatest pitcher in the World.

By Pastor Dean Honeycutt

Mitchell County

A young boy stepped onto the baseball field with a ball in his hand and a bat over his shoulder. Looking out to deep center field he said,” I am the greatest batter in the world” as he threw the ball into the air and swung his bat with all his might. “Strike one” he said. Again, taking his stance looking deep into the outfield, “I am the greatest batter in the world. “Strike two”. Determined to make the hit the boy threw the ball into the air swung the bat with all his might. “Strike three”. Then with a smile on his face the little baseball player said, “Wow I am the greatest pitcher in the world.”

One of the greatest things you can give your child is confidence and self-worth. This is so important to their development as a child and adult. I have noticed children who are trained Biblically in a Christian home with a loving father and mother are very confident. I am not talking about a prideful or arrogant confidence, a haughty spirit or better than others attitude. I am talking about a confidence that trusts in God and helps that child mature in their relationship with Jesus Christ, and when they get out on their own they have the confidence to stand alone in a world system that is ungodly.

Psalm 139:14 (KJV 1900) 14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: Marvelous are thy works; And that my soul knoweth right well.

I speak with first hand experience. My mom encouraged me, but my dad, bless his heart struggled in that area because he was an alcoholic. My dad failed to realize as a young boy I needed his praise, I needed his encouragement, I needed to hear him say “atta boy” you did an excellent job. My dad learned to do this after I became an adult and had a family of my own; however, though I appreciated his approval the damage had already been done. As parents we cannot turn the clock back and have a redo.

So as a child and young teen I longed for the approval of male role models in my life. I looked for approval. It is very important for your child to know that you love them and approve of them. This does not mean you approve of the things they do wrong, of course not. You discipline them when they do wrong, and then you hold them and love them and praise them when they do right. You build their confidence up.

Our daughters need approval from us as well. They need to hear that they are beautiful, and God has created them in a beautiful way. I do not like to go shopping, but when I am asked to help look for a prom dress I go along because when my daughter comes out of that dressing room she is looking for my approval. That is important because she wants to know what I think. I do not always approve the dress or jeans. But when she does find that one that she likes, and I like I want her to know how beautiful she looks in it. This is important because when God brings that special person into her life to wed she will also be looking for my approval and that is very important to me and Pam.

You can go to about any playground where kids are playing and in a brief time pick out the ones who have confidence and those who do not. I am not talking about being shy. A child can be shy by nature but still have confidence. Confidence is built by a healthy relationship between a child and their parents.

What is a healthy relationship between child and parent? The Bible says for children to honor their parents. This means children respect their parents and obey them. A wise parent understands how to discipline their children in love. “Fathers who provoke their children to wrath” are overbearing in nature and expect demands out of their children that they cannot possibly deliver. It is like the dad who expects his child to play a sport like a professional athlete and gets mad when the child does not do well on the field or court. Can you imagine how this child feels when they do not receive the praise from their dad or mom they so desire to hear. We can push our children so hard that we drive them away from the things they love.

When dad and mom love and respect one another their children will learn to love and respect others. We model in front of our children behavior. My child will learn confidence when they see me act in confidence. When we trust God in times of adversity and pray in confidence our children will see this in our lives. The way I live my life for God, treat my wife, and love my children will often play a key role in the way my child will conduct his life as an adult. Is this a one hundred percent guarantee, no, it is not but I will guarantee that your child will have a far better chance succeeding in life and loving God and others if they understand their self-worth is found in their relationship with Jesus Christ. What a privilege and honor it is to have children and see them grow into confident young adults.

Praying for your family,

Pastor Dean Honeycutt