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Shoals Creek Baptist Church

Mary Lea is a brain surgery survivor from years ago, and her physical limitations have kept her from doing many things. She has discovered a new purpose in life and ministry through crocheting prayer shawls and scarfs.

Loving Threads

By Pastor Merritt Taylor

Yancey County

It was initiated by a memory from a ministry from days gone by, back in Alabama. It was inspired by the challenge to “get out of the boat” from a sermon series. God took this and led Mochelle Huckabee to enlist the talents of others, a desire to teach some a new skilled-hobby, and the passion to show others the love of Christ in a simple and tangible way. This is what gave birth to the Shoal Creek Baptist Church Prayer Shawl Ministry. First, there were crocheted prayer shawls for folks with health problems, others who were lonely, or just simply needed to know that others were praying for them and love them. It did not take long before we received news about a truly miraculous recovery of a teenaged girl who received a shawl. After this, one of the ladies in the fellowship received a cancer diagnosis, and chemo-therapy was the scheduled treatment, which normally leads to the loss of hair, and this led to crocheted hats for her and other chemo-patients, and then, hats for shoe boxes as gifts for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child. Last of all, simple scarfs were made to be placed in blessing bags with other necessities to give to the homeless folks, and other scarfs were placed in public venues for anyone who desired to keep it. The prayer shawl ministry even expanded to collect stuffed animals for the Burnsville Police Department, given as a comfort in situations where children are encountered in an officers’ duties. There were enough animals collected for two departments to share. The fellowship of Shoal Creek and friends of Shoal Creek have embraced this ministry, enabling its growth in many generous ways.

This simple ministry of crocheting threads of yarn into shawls, scarfs, and hats is to share the love of Jesus with others. As each piece is crocheted, there is prayer for the person who receives it. Before the shawls are distributed, the church places them on the altar, hands are lain upon them and prayer is lifted to God in heaven to use each, just as He used the aprons and handkerchiefs that Paul used and were given to people in need. Our God is still in the miracle business, and He has given a few miracles with this ministry. Some have received a touch from the Master’s hand, and others have received a different kind of miracle and that is they can do something that makes a difference in the lives of others.

It is loving threads; Meeting a need, sharing love, and showing Jesus is real!

This is just one of the many ways some “get out of the boat” and carry the message of the Gospel into this world. Each piece is “Stitched in prayer and Gifted in love!”

Submitted by Merritt Taylor, Senior Pastor

Shoal Creek Baptist Church

Burnsville, NC

Ministry Members in “Group Picture”—Seated L-R: Daphne Buchanan, Mochelle Huckabee; Standing L-R: Pam Taylor, Lexi Dark, Kasi Westbrook, Lacey Robinson, Wanda Hughes, Barbara Branch, Jana Dark, Linda Punch, Keli Miller, Margaret Neumann—Not pictured: Mary Lea Hardin, Wendy Duncan, Amanda Silver, Sherri Hubbard, Rachel Proctor, Maria Chavez, Shirley Colteryahn, Kathy Newell, Lind