McDowell Technical Community College

Christy’s Corner

A Flashback to the Past

By Christy Lowman

Burke County

For this month, we are going to take a look at a popular animal that God created. To do so we must travel back through time. So, strap on your time traveler helmet, your aviator goggles, and grab your backpack. Don’t forget to pack some juice boxes, fruit snacks, and beef jerky for our trip incase you get hungry. Are you ready? Okay, close your eyes, and let’s start the countdown. We will be there in approximately 10 speed bumps. Count with me, 1 speedbump, 2 speedbumps, 3 three speedbumps, 4 speedbumps, 5 speedbumps, 6 speedbumps, 7 speedbumps, 8 speedbumps, 9 speedbumps, 10 speedbumps.

Phew! We are finally here! Wow, do you notice a difference in the climate and surroundings? We have arrived in the United States, the country we currently live in, but what is different? It’s summer time! It’s hot, humid, and sticky. I’m sweating, are you? Everywhere I look I see trees and plants. The sweet fragrance from the tropical flowers makes my heart smile. It’s like a jungle out here with all the animal sounds. Can you hear them?

Come on and tip-toe. There are a lot of dangerous animals around. We must be very quiet so we don’t become something’s lunch!

Now we are looking for one of my favorite dinosaurs. She is the size of a dump truck, a plant eater, and has a helmet on her head. Do you know which one I’m talking about? Triceratops! Triceratops’ name means “three horned” face. For a land animal, she has one of the largest heads, reaching a total of 10 feet. On top of her head, her helmet, is a solid bone called a “frill,” which can grow up to 7 feet wide. On the edge of this helmet, there are rows of small bony horns. Right above the eyes, there are two protecting 3-foot-long horns. This helmet extends all the way to triceratops’ mouth, where it ends in a parrot beak with a small horn on top of her nose.

Why do you think God made Triceratops with such a fierce helmet? Triceratops was on the lunch menu for other dinosaurs. This God given helmet saved her from being a meal to the many meat eaters that lurked behind the trees. She also used her 2 large horns that were attached to her helmet, to bring down trees and bushes for her to eat. Her sharp beak broke small saplings and plant stalks for her to munch on. The male Triceratops may have also fought other males during mating season using his horns against his rival, like moose and other horned animals do today.

You see Triceratops’ helmet kept her alive in many ways. Without it she would have not survived as long as she did. Her helmet is much like our own God-given helmet, the helmet of salvation. God has equipped us with a massive, mighty helmet to save us from our number one enemy, the devil. You see, he likes to put terrible, unholy, thoughts in our heads. We have to dismiss these, and ask God to take them away. It is very important to only have godly thoughts. The more we read our Bible and talk to God the easier it is to keep our minds on track and to think good thoughts. We also need to make sure that what we watch on TV, the songs we listen to, and the video games we play are pleasing to God. We don’t want to fill our heads full of ungodly trash!

Putting on the helmet of salvation, means that we are not only protecting our mind but that we are living in the hope, and faith in Jesus Christ. That we are saved because we believe that Jesus died for our sins and will one day come back to earth to pick us up! Is that cool or what?

Oh! Look! There she is! Is she not the most beautiful dinosaur you’ve ever seen? Check out that monster of a helmet! And look at that cute short pointy tail… Oh, we better get back, I hear your mother calling you for lunch! Strap on your helmet, and goggles, and don’t forget your backpack! Close your eyes and start the count down!

Most kind, heavenly Father I pray that you will be with each child here. Show them how important it is to guard their mind. Help them rest assured in the hope of salvation. And most importantly help them recognize the devil’s schemes when he puts bad thoughts in their head, teach them to dismiss those quickly and to draw nearer to You, so You can strengthen their positive Christlike thoughts. Show each one of them how to use their mighty helmet of salvation. In Jesus’ name I pray AMEN.

But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for a helmet, the hope of salvation. 1Thessalonians 5:8




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