McDowell Technical Community College

Small Town Life

By Claudia Bailey Honeycutt

Mitchell County

There are days I love small town life.  Today is one.  Baby K and I met some of our dear friends for lunch.  Love them so much.  I wanted to encourage them, as they are heading to Duke to begin treatments.  Of course, it didn’t work out that way.  They spent an hour encouraging me and talking about the goodness of God.  We went to DT’s.  What an awesome place to have in town, where people just meet each other.  For coffee, or food, or work, or prayer, or company meetings, or just good food.  My kid works there too, so I am a bit partial to the little one in the jeans and black t-shirt, with the messy bun and the cute socks.  The one with the great eyelashes.

Anyway, we grabbed the living room on the left as you walk in.  I was so aware of the crowd in there.  Friends stopped by to check on the baby and tell us how much they loved us and had prayed us through.  Friends stopped to hug my friends and give them words of wisdom and encouragement on their next journey.  Lots of hugs.  Lots of handshakes.  Lots of smiles and laughter.  It was such a blessing to see how small towns really work.  People for the most part, love each other.  They pray for each other.  They encourage one another, through kidney stones, and babies, and deaths, and sickness, and aging parents, and troubled kids…. How many thousand cups of coffee, or scoops of ice cream have been shared in that window living room while people just loved each other?

I see men on the street early on Saturday mornings, having breakfast and catching up, or whatever men do during those times. Maybe they just eat.  I dunno. I see women talking a thousand miles an hour, trying to get it all in before their lunch break is over, or they have to pick up the kids from somewhere.  I see teenagers come in after school, for a coffee, or a quick snack before the ballgame.  Lots of homework.  Lots of job work.  Lots of newspaper reading.  Lots of hugs and tears, and happy times and good, old-fashioned talking.  Like, face to face use your mouth and hands and eyes, not texting…talking!

I’m thankful for places like that downtown.  I’m thankful for small town friendships, and small-town support systems.  It’s important to recognize good things.  Today, it was a good day to be from Spruce Pine.