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Walnut Grove Church

The 95% Christian

By Pastor Kurt Bomar

Avery County

When I was in School, if I ever got a 95% grade on a test, I was delighted at first. Then I would look at the test and say “If I had just done a little better, studied a little harder, I could have gotten 100%.

There are a couple of Bible characters that I think did 95% jobs and as a result suffered tremendous heartache.

The first is Jacob. He ran away from his brother and spent 20 years in Padan-Aram before God told him to return home (to the promised land). He obeyed but when He was 95% there he stopped in a town just a days journey from Bethel (where he was supposed to go). The town was called Shechem. There he started putting roots down. As he did, his daughter went into town to meet the girls of her age. As a result the leader of the town (named Shechem himself) violated Dinah. The result was a revengful mass murder committed by his sons and an expulsion from the town. (Gen. 34 tells this tragic tale).

Remember King Saul. He was told to annihilate the Amalekites. (1 Sam. 15) He had a great military victory, but he didn’t finish the job, just 95% of it. The result?  It cost him his kingdom. Why? Because the Lord said “I desire obedience, not (95%) sacrifice”.

You might say “How do I know I’m only at 95%?” Here’s the test. When God speaks to you he does so through targeted strikes (like a lazar missile). He will say “you need to do this, say that, or go there.” Satan on the other hand, in an attempt to discourage us uses a different tactic. He carpet bombs. Satan says “you’re just not good enough, you need to do more, be a better person (without telling you what specificallly you need to do).” Understand that if the voice inside is condemning you, it is from the evil one. Satan condemns, and God convicts. God says “do this specific thing right and I will be pleased”. When you do it, you will feel the pleasure of God.

When my children were young we had a rule about obedience that they memorized early:

Any two of the three is a 95% Christian.

As we ponder this ourselves, let’s listen to God’s instruction and give him that last 5% that will cause him to say “well done my good and faithful servant”.

Selah, (think about it)

Pastor Kurt Bomar, Walnut Grove Church

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