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Celebrating the Recovering

Our Stories

By Sandra Ayers


I am a parent with a child ho has struggled with addiction.  I will not elaborate on their struggle.  That is their story to tell. However, I also have a story that I wish to share.

My story involves anger, confusion, despair, denial, isolation, and fear. Every time the phone rang I was afraid.  If my child came home I was afraid.  If my child did not come home I was afraid.  I was afraid of what people thought.  I was afraid I could not fix things, guess what I couldn’t.  My life was unmanageable.  My child had become my addiction.  I was desperate, I needed help but did not know where to turn.

January 2017, I saw a sign for “Celebrate Recovery.”  A New program in Mitchell County.  I decided to go.  At Celebrate Recovery I found recovered addicts, people still struggling with addiction and people just like me.  Celebrate Recovery is a confidential Christ based program for anyone with “hurts, habits, and hang-up’s” Who doesn’t qualify?

If you are struggling with addiction please come, if someone in your family is struggling with addiction please come.

Is everything in my life “fixed” absolutely not, but I do have a better understanding of addiction and how it affects the addict and the families of the addict.

I, through the “celebrate Recovery” Program have learned to replace anger with love, confusion with understanding, despair with hope, denial with acceptance, isolation with support and fear with trust in Jesus Christ.

“Celebrate Recovery” meets every Thursday at 7:00 pm at Bear Creek Baptist Church.  Everyone is welcome here.

Thank you,

Sandra Ayers


By Cassie Burleson

Avery, Mitchell, and Yancey counties along with our surrounding counties are filled with people either suffering from addiction or suffering because their loved ones are addicted.  If you are like me and fall into this category, please let me tell you about Celebrate Recovery.  Some people think Celebrate Recovery is just another support group, but they are mistaken.  Christ is the difference, and the Answer.  Celebrate Recovery is a Christ based recovery group for anyone with hurts, habits or hang-ups.  This includes addicts, the people that love them, anyone that wants to join us to worship and celebrate recovery through Jesus Christ.  This group meets at Bear Creek Baptist Church in Ledger every
Thursday night at 7 pm.  Although I don’t live in Mitchell County anymore, I attend this meeting to support this wonderful ministry and to receive support and prayers from other just like me.  If you are skeptical, come.  If you are lost, come.  If you are broken, come.  Christ can and will save you, just like He saved me from a life of torment and destruction.