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It Could Happen in a Moment

By Allen Buchanan

Mitchell County

As I write this article, outside a fresh blanket of snow is covering the ground. The snow is still falling since before midnight and other than the howling of the wind ripping across the top of my house all is quiet. Snow seems to always quieten things down. Especially if the temperature falls drastically and our roads become slippery. For those of you who don’t like snow, I wonder what it takes for you to slow down, take a deep breath and rest. Periods of quietness is good for the mind, body, and soul. Yet at times it can be scary.

Back in the mid-nineties, Sherri and I decided to take a weekend vacation to Pigeon Forge at Christmas time and see the lights. Not long after dark, we drove to Gatlinburg to see theirs. As we entered the town along with several other vehicles, all at once traffic came to a halt. While at a standstill, we were looking around and noticed there wasn’t any movement other than us and the ones who had followed us. The streets, store windows, and sidewalks were lit up and fully decorated. Some store doors were standing wide open. The strangest thing of all, not a single person was walking the sidewalks. No one could be seen inside the buildings or even in the cars in front of us or in the one’s going in the opposite direction. And even far ahead to a curve in the street no one could be seen. Sherri turned to me and said, “did everyone get raptured?” You would think so. With us still on earth, we knew that couldn’t be. Little did we know that on the other side of town, a Christmas Parade was in progress. Though we’ve laughed about that occurrence at times from that day until now, the rapture will happen someday, and people will disappear.

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. 1 Corinthians 15:52

When the Adult Choir at Bear Creek Baptist Church sings the song, “It Could Happen in A Moment” the Holy Spirit inside of me quickly puts me in that frame of mind.  Though I haven’t stood in twenty-two years, when Joyce Boone begins to blow her trumpet at the beginning of verse two, I want to jump to my feet, dance and shout: “Praise God, I’m going home!”

If you aren’t already looking for Jesus’ return, then something must be wrong with your heart and soul. Every day, something that we’ve been warned about unfolds before our eyes. People get ready, Jesus is coming!

“It could happen in a moment! in the twinkling of an eye it could happen in a moment he could split the eastern sky, though our hearts will feel unworthy yea how happy we will be. when the saviour comes from Heaven when his blessed face we’ll see! I am listening every moment, for the mighty trumpet sound what a time we’ll have together when the saints will leave the ground! all our toiling will be over! all our sorrow and its pain! it could happen in a moment Jesus Christ could come again! (could come again) it could happen in a moment, any minute of the day! he could call us home to Heaven there forevermore to stay! hold the fort a little longer in your struggle over sin! Trust the Great Commander’s promise, He will surely come again! I am listening every moment for the mighty trumpet sound what a time we’ll have together when the saints will leave the ground! all our toiling will be over! all our sorrow and its pain! it could happen in a moment! Jesus Christ could come again! (could come again) Jesus Christ could come again!!!!”

Joe E. Parks is the Author of “it could happen in a moment”.


Allen Buchanan