McDowell Technical Community College

“No Regrets Family”

Most precious things in Life

By Pastor Dean Honeycutt

Mitchell County

I did not really know which direction to go with this article until my son got hit in the mouth with a baseball. The line drive got him good, and thankfully he kept his lower teeth. The incident made me think about my family and how precious they are to Pam and me. A lot of illness and sadness has been going around here lately, many of my friends have been diagnosed with cancer, and some small children have had serious sickness, and some have gone to be with Jesus. The most precious things in life are not on four wheels, in my bank account, or the land my house sits on. The most precious thing in life is Jesus and the gift of salvation. Because of Jesus I can love and appreciate with much gratitude the family God has given me.

Life is so short we need to grasp every moment and the time we have with our families. Thank the Lord we will spend more time with our loved ones in heaven than we do on earth, but we often do not think of eternal life in this way. We tend to only think of the here and now. When my children were younger, and we were getting ready to go somewhere, I would say, “Honeycutt’s head um up and move them out” this would signal it is time to get in the van and leave the house. In the van I would on occasion take roll call starting with the name of the oldest and move to the youngest. It was fun hearing each one of them say “here”. Our names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and when we get to heaven Jesus is going to take roll call, and I am so thankful when he gets to our names we are going to be able to say “here”.

Spend time with your family and build confidence in your children. Take time to pray with them and read the Bible with them. They will

cherish what you cherish, they will value what you value, and they will follow what you follow. If they see Jesus is important to you, then Jesus will be important to them. One of the most precious things is to lead your children to Jesus Christ. Talk with them often about Jesus and why He came to earth. Pray for their salvation and at that God given appointed time lead them into a saving relationship with Jesus. So, when the “roll is called up yonder” the entire family can say here.

Life is too short to find yourself at the end of it with a lot of regrets. After the passing of my dad in 2008 I was challenged to live a life of “No Regrets”, and with God’s help I am determined to make choices that will minimize regrets in my life, because we cannot change the past, but we can choose to live for God in the future. Each day is a blessing from God and every moment spent with family is precious.

The Lord bless you and Happy Mother’s Day,

Love Pastor Dean Honeycutt