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Mine Creek Baptist Church

“I see myself in your eyes!”

By Preacher Chris Rathbone

Mitchell County


This may be a story I’ve shared before, but even so, I think is bears repeating. It was probably when he was 4 or 5 years old. I and my oldest son, Gabriel, were wrestling around on the sofa one day. He was on my lap as we were laughing, pushing, pulling, tickling, etc. All of a sudden, he stopped and said, “Daddy, wait a minute!” He put his little hands on my cheeks and pulled my face close to his as he looked intently into my eyes. As I was wondering what he was doing, he suddenly exclaimed with excitement, “Daddy, I see myself in your eyes! I really can!” How he noticed this while we were wrestling around I don’t know. Somehow, he realized that he could see his reflection in my eyes. He would say “Open your eyes wide Daddy so I can see myself.” I was more than happy to oblige. He sat there for several minutes holding my face in his little hands with his nose almost touching mine looking into my eyes as big smiles spread across his face. For whatever reason, this seemed to intrigue him for a while. Then as with most kids, his feet hit the floor running and he was off to explore elsewhere.

If you have been fortunate enough in this life to have children, you have received a great blessing and privilege from God. In our culture today, children are sometimes seen more of a nuisance than a blessing. Abortion runs rampant today, in most cases, not for health concerns, but because a mother or father don’t want a child to “interfere” with their life or career. We have become a selfish and self-centered society which thinks more about ourselves than we do others. Society sees divorce as the easy way out instead of putting the work into a marriage to make it strong. Somehow, the idea of a God-centered marriage has become an old-fashioned, out dated concept and we are seeing the detrimental effects of this assault with each generation that comes. We are reaping what we have sown in the previous generations. Satan is working tirelessly to destroy the Biblical truth of what a family is to be, even to the extent of trying to redefine what marriage has been for thousands of years. However, the truth of what marriage and family is supposed to be still stands, even with our failure to obey and fulfill God’s commands; it does not change His truth.

Where do we begin in rebuilding what we have allowed Satan to destroy? First, I believe it begins with repentance. That’s not a popular term in our world. No one likes to admit their sin and failure. Repentance is not just feeling sorry or bad about what one has done; repentance is turning away from a sin to not commit it anymore. Not only do we need to turn away from the wrong way we have been doing marriage and family, but we must turn toward the ways God wants us to live out our marriage and family.

Secondly, we must pray for God’s help. The onslaught that Satan is bringing to our marriages and families is an attack from spiritual wickedness in high places. We must pray for the power and help of Almighty God to give us strength to fight this spiritual battle that Satan has declared on our marriages and homes. Jesus is our only hope. Apart from Him we can do nothing. To reclaim what God desires our homes to be we must pray for His help.

Next, I believe men need to step up to the plate. Regardless of what our world seems to believe, God has ordained man to be the head of the household. I’m not talking about a man being a dictator or “boss hog” to his wife and kids. What I am talking about is men taking the responsibility and being accountable to what God has called them to be as husbands and fathers. Men must lead their families. Loving our wives as Christ loved the church and raising our children to follow God. We have become so influenced by the society around us that we neglect to fulfill what God has commanded and we wonder why our families are in such dire straits. We need men to be men and realize that God has called us to be more than what the world is telling us. Our lives are not just about careers, money, material things, entertainment, hobbies, etc. God has called us to lead our wives and children. God has called us to be providers both spiritually and physically to our families. God has called us to glorify Him in all we do. Our sons will learn to be husbands by watching us. Our daughters will learn what kind of husband to pray for by watching us. This should make us all stop and take a serious look at how we as men are fulfilling our responsibilities before our families and most importantly before God.

Whether we realize it or not, our children will be a reflection of who we are. We only have them for a few short years until they go out to raise their own families. What legacy are we leaving them to pass on to the next generation? One day, God willing, when my boys are wrestling with their kids, they will see a reflection of themselves in their Daddy’s eyes. Not just a physical reflection but a spiritual one that was passed down by their Daddy before them.

God help us as men to break this cycle of destruction that has wrecked havoc on our families. God help us to see our reflection in His eyes, so healing and restoration will come to our land. May we be able to look to our Heavenly Father and say “Father, I see myself in your eyes!”

Isaiah 38:19 The father to the children shall make known thy truth.