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Editorial by Doug Harrell

Where is our country headed this July 4th?  Never in my life time of almost 75 years have I seen and experienced the turmoil we are currently experiencing.  Elected officials openly calling for open assault and harassment of members of the other political party, sports stars and Hollywood stars urging violence against members of a political party they disagree with and so on.  What is really the underlying situation that is taking place here.  It appears that we are already in a civil war but in this situation, it would be community against community, liberal versus conservative and so forth.  The lines blur, but what is really at stake here for the Christian Community.  One side, and it did not used to be this way at all, appears to support and uphold traditional Christian values and the other side appears to want to remove all references to God and traditional moral values from society as we know it.   It is a battle unlike any we have ever really experienced here in the United States.

In times past, our churches and religious meeting places were melting and mixing pots of what was a civil discourse on different ideas and government thoughts, today this is even dividing the Christian community into those that believe that abortion is wrong, homosexual behavior is a sin and same sex marriage is taboo.  Some believe that God is just a loving God with no ill will toward anyone and that heaven and hell are just a figment of the imagination.  The humanistic outlook on life has taken hold like few of us would ever have imagined a few years ago.  Today classes are being taught in our schools that encourage premarital sex as a norm, Boy Scouts are now just Scouts and condoms are evidently being handed out at many types of gatherings where boys and girls intermingle.  If you are against this type of thing or situation you are labeled a bigot, Nazi or something worse.  The Bible says that wrong will become right and right will become wrong and folks I am afraid that we are fast approaching this point in our wonderful country.  God’s word has not changed over the years but we Christians have sat idle and let the humanist take over.  We started with removing of prayer from our schools back in the early 60’s, then we legalized abortion.  Now we are trying to remove all references to the 10 Commandments and other references to the Judaea Christian values that this country was founded on.  Our Founding Fathers were well aware that our Republic could only stand if we honored those values and without them we would not survive.   Now we are trying to even remove references to our Founding Fathers because of their beliefs!

As we go into this July 4th I pray that we will all get down on our knees and earnestly pray for our country and our leaders in the coming days, weeks, months and years.  We must stand firm in our convictions and continue to honor and obey God’s word if we want this county to continue to stand strong and be the beacon of light and hope for all the world.  We can love people and still not agree with them but pray for a change and a revival that only God can provide.  2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.