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Allen’s Musings

Red Letters

By Allen Buchanan

Mitchell County

Wonder how many of us use words or phrases every day without ever considering their origin or definition. Many publications offer a new “word of the day”. My wife and I have a mutual friend that occasionally shares her ‘new word’  with us. Those that Scrabble rely on such words to beat their opponents.

Everybody begins a new year with a new calendar. It’s possible the new calendar you will be using has new “words for the day.”  Another calendar feature that comes to mind are those wonderful “red letter days.” Wonderful because the red letters mark holidays that more often than not give you time off of work.

A red letter day is any day of special significance or opportunity. According to Wikipedia the use of red ink dates all the way back to the Roman Republic (509–27 BC). In medieval manuscripts, initial capitals and highlighted words were written in red ink.

In my life, another use of “red ink” stands out within the pages of the Holy Bible. These red words are there to indicate Jesus speaking. When I open God’s word and see those red words, I know that they require special attention.  They reveal that Jesus placed great importance on helping people who needed it most; the poor, the sick, the orphans, the prisoners, and the weary. He urged all those who follow Him to do the same. Jesus’ words weren’t just meant to be read; they were meant to be lived out. If you respond to Jesus’ words, your faith should touch the lives of those you help and point them to the hope they need.

As a fan of David Crowder, I recently purchased his latest release, “I KNOW A GHOST”. The song “Red Letters” gripped my heart and soul reminding me of the special “red letter” day in 1965 when I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour. If you think about it, without Jesus all of us are prisoners of the world. We are held in bondage by Satan and our life just drags on. Sure, Satan has us blinded by all the lies he tells us. Until we grow tired of the old life and accept Jesus, until He breaks the chains, we cannot change on our own. Once you accept those “red letters” spoken by Him in His Word, change will come. Once you accept that Jesus died on the old rugged cross you will you gain eternal life and a home in heaven. May 2019 be filled with many red-letter days with Jesus!


Allen Buchanan