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31 Days of Repentance

By Monica Kritz

Mitchell County


Day 10:  Forgive Me for Being Prideful.


We should want to please GOD first…above everyone else.  If we truly desire to please HIM, then we surely do not want to do the things HE hates.  Hates?  Does GOD hate?  HE does not hate people, but HE does hate wrong actions (sin).  There are many proofs of GOD’s love for us in The Bible, such as John 3:16.  Another one is found in

2 Peter 3:9, stating, “The Lord is…not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”  There is no doubt that GOD loves us.

So what actions does GOD hate?  There are 7 listed in Proverbs 6:16-19.  One action (sin) is pride.  In verse 17, it lists “A proud look” as something that GOD hates.  Proverbs 11:2 says, “When pride cometh, then cometh shame.”  Another well-known verse  is Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”  Pride can be defined in several ways, but my personal favorite definition is “an over-high opinion of oneself.” (Webster’s dictionary) In other words, pride says, “It is all about me!”

I thought I wasn’t a prideful person, but when I honestly examined my heart with the “mirror” of GOD’s Word, pride was revealed.  You may think the same of yourself, saying, “I have no pride.”  But what about when you suggest an idea at work or at church, and no one agrees with it?  Do you get angry, when someone rushes to get ahead of you in a checkout line?  This too is pride, because we want to be first, and we want to be right.

We need to destroy pride in our lives!  Every trace of it needs to be stamped out of our hearts!  There is no room for pride in a CHRISTians’ heart.  In Joshua 11, GOD told Joshua to destroy their enemies.  The KJV states, “utterly destroying” in verse 11.  In verse 9, it says, “until they left them none remaining.”  Verse 14 says, “…they had destroyed them, neither left they any to breathe.”  All of these phrases paint a very vivid description, and it is a picture to me to completely destroy sin!  Sin does not need any room to breathe!


* Sit quietly for a few moments and ask GOD to tell you if you have any pride at all.  Read Psalm 139:23-24, while you do this.


Jason and Monica Henley-Kritz live in the beautiful mountains of Spruce Pine, North Carolina, nestled near the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. Jason is the owner of Joyful Noise Vintage Audio & Electronics, where he repairs, rebuilds and restores vintage electronics. Monica is the owner of Monica’s Music Studio, where she teaches piano and music theory lessons. Jason and Monica were married in 2007, and they give GOD all the glory for any accomplishments in their lives.
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