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31 Days of Repentance

By Monica Kritz

Mitchell County


Day 9:  Forgive me for trying to “fix” other people’s problems, instead of listening and then asking YOU, GOD, to fix it.

James tells us in chapter 1, verse 19:  “…let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak,…”

When someone comes to you with a problem, do you immediately want to “fix” it?  Or do you sit and listen without interrupting?

I am a “fixer”, and I want to fix the problems of other people.  Sometimes I get accused of not being compassionate.  But really, I just want to fix problems, so no one has to suffer.  As I write, this is an “eye-opener” for me.

The truth is that I am not able nor capable of fixing every problem.  Only GOD can do that!  What I need to do is simply listen, be there for that person, put an arm around them, and comfort them.  Then, as THE LORD leads, I can pray for them and with them.

Another truth is that problems can be a time of growth for us spiritually.  Instead of trying to fix or even avoid problems, we should be learning from them.  A favorite preacher of mine said that when we go through problems, we should always ask GOD what it is that HE is trying to tell us.

A good pattern to follow is found in Proverbs 10:19:  “In the multitude of words there wanteth not sin:  but he that refraineth his lips is wise.”

So the next time a friend or family member approaches you with a problem, close your 1 mouth and open your 2 ears.  Do you think we were made that way by accident…with 1 mouth and 2 ears?


*   As you look in the mirror every morning, remind yourself that you have 1 mouth and 2 ears.  Make up a song or poem with this truth…you may find yourself singing it often!

*   Write an acrostic for the words “mouth” and “ears”.  Let it be a fun, yet serious, evaluation of yourself.


Jason and Monica Henley-Kritz live in the beautiful mountains of Spruce Pine, North Carolina, nestled near the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. Jason is the owner of Joyful Noise Vintage Audio & Electronics, where he repairs, rebuilds and restores vintage electronics. Monica is the owner of Monica’s Music Studio, where she teaches piano and music theory lessons. Jason and Monica were married in 2007, and they give GOD all the glory for any accomplishments in their lives.
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