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Be to Me

By Patti Jensen

Mitchell CountyBe To Me

“Be to me a rock of habitation to which I may continually come; You have given commandment to save me, For You are my rock and my fortress.” Psalm 71:3. Be to me. Three simple words that capture what my heart longs for when I reach for God’s hand in my life these days.

I recently read a post by Tera Elness who was speaking about this verse and she explained that these words reminded her of what Jesus taught his own people to pray…Give me this day our daily bread. When we say those words, we are praying…give us what we need. Our sustenance. Give us you, Jesus. Daily. Every hour.

In these uncertain times, it is easy and probably common for all of us to start to swirl in all of the questions, the uncertainties, the what-ifs. The worries. From minute to minute and day to day, it is easy to get carried away in the news and social media. Some of us have become tied to the media as we wait on the “experts” to tell us what to do, what we need, and what is best. And then that advice changes from day to day. No wonder we are all worried and frustrated and tired. Many of us are in despair as our loved ones are sick and we cannot be with them. We are separated from our loved ones, our church families, and our communities. It’s easy to feel alone and distant.

But friends one thing never changes. God is our rock. He is our fortress in times of trouble. His Word is true and never fails.

So we lift our voice to Him in our quiet time, in our prayer, as we drive down the road…”Be to Me”. Be to me my rock and my fortress. Be to me my comforter and counselor…for that is who You are.

Be to me my strength when I am weary of the world around me, for You are my strength. Be to me my joy, for in Your presence there is fullness of joy.

Be to me my restorer, for you restore my peace and my strength.

Be to us our rest, for You are our resting place.

Lord, we need you to be to us…all of these things and more. See us, Lord, in our places of worry, in our low places. Be to us what we need, where we are. When we call out in loud cries and when we whisper our worries and hurts.

We are Yours. The ones You hold in Your hands and though we fail you every day, You love us. Yes, You love each one of us.

Be to us, Lord.

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Patti Jensen is the writer and creator of the lifestyle blog “A Grateful Girl” which features encouragement, a focus on gratitude with some lifestyle tips and recipes thrown in for good measure! Patti is married to Jack and has two daughters, two great sons-in-law and a new granddaughter, Georgia Grace. You can find her posts on Instagram and Facebook and on her blog at