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Christians should prepare for persecution immediately!

This interview, Franklin Graham:  Christians should prepare for persecution, is quite alarming. Slowly but surely, America is barrelling down the road toward Christian persecution. This is a video interview from CBN with Franklin Graham. Franklin Graham explains how recent Supreme Court rulings have destroyed the truth of God’s Word by making gay marriage legal in all fifty states in America. He also talks about other events happening right now in America that should be alarming to all Christians. There are many events taking place in the United States and around the world that appear to be leading to Christian persecution. It is time for all Christians to take a stand and speak up before it’s too late and God removes His hand of blessing from the United States of America. If you just look around and pay attention, you will find numerous rulings, actions, and events happening that are direct indicators that Christian persecution is on the way. American was founded on Christian principles that were penned within our Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America. For the last two hundred years it is clear that slowly, we have watched and even been complicit in removing those God-ordained instructions on how we should govern America. Don’t miss this video today!

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