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49 Baptized in Liberia

By George Patton, Jr.

Burke CountyGeorge Patton


Praise the Lord for all His greatness.  What the Lord is doing here in Liberia is something like I would never have imagined.

We just got back from the jungle once again.  This was our second trip there.  The first trip I really felt like the people were examining us and we were examining them.  This time we really built some amazing bonds.

The Journey into the Jungle

When we arrived after traveling on the home-made rail car for 3 hours, we still had to walk back in the jungle another hour across one log bridge, 2 bamboo bridges, and in one place we crossed on rocks.  When we got to the village, they gave us the room we had used previously.

Life of the Native People

After settling in, I went to look around the village and found them roasting some fish and something that I was not sure of.  I asked them what it was, and they told me that it was a python that they would be making some roasted python soup.  I knew then that I was truly back in the jungle.  We rested well that night as we listened to the jungle creatures.

Teaching the Bible

The next morning, we began our seminar, teaching the basic truths of the Bible.  Our class went from 9 am to 1 pm the first day.  They asked me if there was any way, we could go until 2 pm or 3 pm the next day.  They were so eager to hear the truths of the Bible.  I could not believe how hungry they were.  Some of these pastors and leaders walked for 2 hours to get there and 2 hours back.  There was one evening they even had to walk home in the rain.

We covered many topics.  Who Jesus is, the truths about baptism, leadership, church organization, evangelism, discipleship, prayer, and Bible study.  We touched on Homiletics and Budgeting.  They took note after note and then the last hour they spent asking questions.  It was so glorious the way the Lord was moving.  At night we had a church service.  This went on for 4 days.

Holy Spirit Moves

By the time it was done 49 people wanted to be baptized.  Praise the precious Name of Jesus.  I asked them “Where do you do your baptizing?”  They took me to the same area that they told me that caught the pythons, boas, and fish.  I looked at the water and I thought to myself, “Lord Jesus I am really going to need your assistance with this one.” They decided that we would have the baptism the next day.  The men of the village spent the evening cleaning the area, cutting back some of the weeds, and opening the way so we could better get to the water. george patton muddy baptism

Baptism Day

The next morning, we met at the church.  We sang a song and then headed down to the water.  When we got to the water’s edge, we had prayer.  I told them, “let’s ask the Lord if there is any sin that has not been repented of before we go in the water.

We want to be prepared for all the Lord Jesus has for us today”. After we prayed, I was the first one into the water, praying all the way.  I found a deep spot and then one by one they came to be baptized.  I truly could not believe what was happening.  Some of the people that were being led out to the water had already started crying as the Holy Spirit began to fall on them.  Some of the people after being baptized had to have help to get out of the water, the Holy Spirit had taken them in such a way.

I was weeping tears of joy with them as the Lord continued to minister to each one individually.  After all the people had been baptized, we pastors gathered and prayed as the people sang.  When we finished praying, we went to the water’s edge where the people were singing, and once again the Holy Spirit fell.  The people went to their knees crying and weeping before the Lord.  No one wanted to leave.

Jesus Cleanses Sins

Finally, the hand of the Lord lifted enough that we could head back to the church.  We all wore white shirts that day and as I looked, I could see that the dirt from the muddy water had covered my shirt.  The Lord spoke to me, “That is what sin looks like to me.” I thought as these people were being baptized, the Lord was washing them clean.

One of our pastor brothers went ahead and was taking pictures as I led the people to the church through the jungle.  The Lord spoke to me and said look behind you.  As I looked back, I saw a line of people dressed in white following me.  The Lord said, “That is what heaven is going to look like.  You are leading people dressed in white to Me, marching on towards heaven.”  I could hardly fight back the tears thinking to myself, “Thank you Lord Jesus for giving me such a privilege to lead people to you from around the world.”  Praise the Mighty, Wonderful Name of Jesus.


Reverend George Patton Jr. is married to Rebecca Patton. Together they have 6 sons and 6 daughters and 23 grandchildren. They are active members of the First Apostolic Church in Morganton, NC. He has spent time over the years planting churches, pastoring churches, establishing ministries, and doing missions. He has written 18 books that can be found on Amazon HERE.

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