McDowell Technical Community College

From Doug Harrell, Publisher

Doug Harrell

Dear Friends,

Sitting here this morning I remember walking into our office in Spruce Pine, NC on August 12, 2010 – a little more than four years ago – to four bare walls. It is hard to realize that the four years have gone by so quickly. In one way it seems as if we have publishing this paper for years and in another sense, just a few months.

As I consider our “changing times,” I believe Christians should make a new commitment to Christ – both as individuals and as families. We are seeing pictures of torture that are unimaginable, children beheaded, throats being cut, mass killings of Christians and the list goes on. All of us at the Blue Ridge Christian News feel that our belief in the virgin birth, the death and resurrection of our blessed Savior, and knowing that He is coming again to take us “home” make us brothers and sisters in Christ. It does not matter if we are black, white, brown or red, our blood is redeemed by the blood Jesus shed on the cross. We do not feel that nationality or denomination matters, we are the Family of Jesus Christ!

My commitment to each of you is that this newspaper, Blue Ridge Christian News, will stay true to its purpose, uniting the body of Christ and sharing life style stories that enhance our faith in each other and society at large. We feel that the paper is and has been a uniting force in the communities we serve and we give God the glory for allowing us to do the work of sharing and bringing together his flock. We will continue to stand on biblical truths as we understand them to the very best we can. We believe in the sanctity of human life, in the family structure of a father and a mother in a wedded relationship, and will continue to be true to these issues

Our Family needs to be in constant prayer for each other and our leaders, praying that we can make the decisions God would have us make on a daily basis. Pray that a sense of urgency would arise and that we would experience a revival such as Nineveh had back in Jonah’s day. Our corporation is named Nineveh Productions, Incorporated because I felt like Jonah, I didn’t want to do the paper but felt that God was telling me to get with it. I felt like I was too old and had too many irons in the fire to take this on but here we are. Today I give thanks to God daily for the outreach being made by Blue Ridge Christian News and the contributors, advertisers, distributors and readers that make it possible to spread the “Good News”.

Thanks to each of you for supporting us, we continue to covet your prayers.

Doug Harrell