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What’s in your hand?

By Kurt Bomar

Avery CountyKurt Bomar


One of the most successful advertising slogans of all time was the Capital One credit card’s “what’s in your wallet?”  The idea behind it was, if you had their credit card in your wallet, you had everything you needed.

I wonder if they got that slogan from the Bible. Back in Exodus, Moses was alone in the wilderness. In fact, he had been doing nothing of interest for 40 years. That is when he stumbled across a bush that appeared to be on fire, yet it wasn’t being consumed. When he went over to examine it, he met God. God told him he had a mission for him. It was indeed mammoth. “Moses, I want you to set my people free.” Think about the logistics of breaking about 2 million people out of jail. He understandably didn’t think he was qualified and voiced this to God.

Then the Lord asked him an interesting question. “What’s in your hand?” He had a staff, nothing more than a walking stick. “Then that’s what I’ll use,” the Lord said.

“What’s in your hand Peter?”  A net, Peter was a fisherman. “then that’s what I’ll use, I’ll make you a fisher of men.”

“What’s in your hand, Paul?” A pen. Paul was a scholar. “Then that’s what I’ll use, you’ll write a large portion of the New Testament.”

We now think of all three of these men as accomplished but understand that at the time, all thought themselves unworthy of their calling.

So here we are now and what do many of us think about our worthiness to be a vessel for the Lord? “I don’t have the talent or resources, I can’t sing or dance, and nobody wants to hear what I say.”

I think the Lord would say to you “what’s in your hand?”

When you were born, God gave you gifts that are simply waiting to be activated. What we don’t realize is that what you are already doing is that which God will energize and empower for ministry. What’s in your hand? Is it a computer, a hammer, a football, or a wrench? Whatever it is, that is what He will use for His glory.

Don’t despise what is in your hand, rather give thanks and use it!

Selah (think about it)


Kurt Bomar is pastor of Walnut Grove Church located in Avery County. You are welcome to join them on Sundays at 11:00 AM for worship! (When we are allowed to meet in the building again). You can read more from Kurt Bomar HERE.