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Beside still waters

By Ken and Jan Merop

Avery County


Three boys and their Dad out for a hike that led to a quiet lake with not even a ripple; it was a perfect day.

Then Dad said, “Watch this.”

Picking up a smooth stone he sailed it out over the water where it skipped along making ripples appear that hadn’t been there before.

“How do you do that?” they chorused.  “I want to try!” they each exclaimed.

And, so, the skipping rock lessons began.  Some just plopped into the water and sank.  Others sent out a ripple or two.  But, it took time for them to master the technique.

However, once they did, there almost weren’t enough stones for them to skip.  One after another he heard, “Watch me!  Watch this one!”

The times when I was along, I loved sitting back and watching this display.  I even tried it a time or two.  But, the guys always had me beat.

That memory of still waters and ripples makes me think of the verse of Scripture found in Psalm 46: 10, NLT that says, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Besides our bodies being in constant motion, what other parts of us seem to go non-stop?  I think it is our minds.  If we aren’t preoccupied with worries, to-do lists, schedules, meetings and more, we’re trying to solve problems for our children and others.  There’s hardly a few moments when we can be as still and undisturbed as lake water on a calm day.

We have come beside still waters while hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  These lakes so high into the mountains are gifts of God to each of us when we unexpectedly come upon them.  Mirror images of trees and clouds reflect back in the stillness.

I wonder if God would like us to quiet our minds for at least a few minutes a day so that He can gently drop His thoughts across our minds.  Think of the ripples such thinking would create…ripples of purpose, meaning, and values; ripples of love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace.

As such thoughts skipped across our minds from Him, we would be “fixing our thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable,” as it says in Philippians 4: 8, NLT.  If we continue to receive His thoughts, we will be thinking about things that are excellent and praiseworthy.

Then our minds will once again become like that peaceful lake reflecting him clearly because “the God of peace will be with you.”  Selah



Beneath majestic snow-dusted mountains,

golden Aspen and Evergreens cast a reflection

that feeds the eyes…while the Creator

imprints His majesty on the soul.

Let’s reflect God’s resplendence to others.

“I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your

Majesty, and on Your wondrous works.”

Psalm 145: 5