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There are many wonderful church congregations in Western North Carolina. Below you will find listings of churches in our church directory that partner with us to help keep Christian News in our communities. Use this church directory to help make contact with a local church in your area. We hope you will visit their website or Facebook page by clicking on their listing and go worship with them soon. It is important to your spiritual growth to attend a local church and grow in your relationship with God. Not only will you learn more about Jesus, but you will also find friendly folks that will become like family. We service Burke, McDowell, Mitchell, Yancey, Avery, and Madison Counties in the beautiful North Carolin mountain area.

CHURCHES – You can let tourists, visitors, and even neighbors know where your church is and when you meet by listing it in the BRCN Church Directory. This visible and effective advertising is specially priced at $300.00 per year for our churches – approximately $5.75 a week!

There are several factors that can contribute to making a good church, and these can vary depending on individual perspectives and beliefs. However, here are some key aspects that are generally considered important:

  1. Strong sense of community: A good church should foster a strong sense of community among its members. This can be achieved through regular fellowship opportunities, such as small group meetings, social events, and volunteer activities. People need to know the love of Jesus Christ!
  2. Spiritual growth and development: A good church should provide opportunities for spiritual growth and development. This can include regular worship services, Bible studies, and classes that help members deepen their faith and understanding of Scripture. Teach God’s word!
  3. Outreach and service: A good church should be actively involved in serving its community and reaching out to those in need. This can include activities such as feeding the homeless, supporting local charities, and organizing mission trips. Make God known through helping others!
  4. Relevant and engaging worship: A good church should provide worship services that are relevant and engaging for its members. This can include incorporating contemporary music and good ‘Ol Hymns, and technology, and creating a welcoming atmosphere that invites people to participate. Above all, the church should be preaching and teaching out of God’s word, the Bible.
  5. Effective leadership: A good church should have effective leadership that is committed to the church’s mission and vision. This can include pastors, elders, and other leaders who are accountable, approachable, and focused on serving the needs of the congregation. Those in leadership must have a heart of service and humility.

Ultimately, a good church should provide a place where people can feel welcomed, supported, and encouraged in their faith journey and teach and preach God’s word, the Holy Bible.


Pine Branch Baptist

Pine Branch Baptist Church Spruce Pine, NC

Altapass Baptist

Altapass Baptist Church Spruce Pine NC


Plumtree Presbyterian Church Plumtree NC

The Bridge

The Bridge Worship Center Hickory NC

Mount Carmel Baptist

mount carmel baptist church spruce pine nc

Spruce Pine UMC

Spruce Pine United Methodist Church Spruce Pine NC

Berry Chapel

Berry Chapel Baptist Church Spruce Pine NC

Morganton SDA

Morganton Seventh Day Adventist Church Morganton NC

Newland Christian

Newland Christian Church Newland NC

Spruce Pine First Baptist

Spruce Pine First Baptist Church

Grassy Creek Baptist

Grassy Creek Baptist Church Spruce Pine NC

Pleasant Hill Baptist

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

The Rock Church

The Rock Church Morganton NC

Landis OPC

Landis Orthodox Presbyterian Church Marion NC