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Alive, Active, Powerful

By Ken and Jan Merop

Cleveland, TNken and Jan Merop


A blank page sits in front of me right now.  I pray and contemplate what to write.

Sometimes ideas pop up like crocuses through the snow-encrusted ground; or, like fish readily biting at the surface when food is tossed to them.

Other times, however, ideas seem to snuggle down and bury themselves in a rock or crevice.  I must dig out, dust off and examine closely for a sparkle to glimmer across my mind.

Lately, it’s been more of the hidden gems than the popping of colorful blossoms.  Yet this less invigorating form of writing reaps the rewards of discovery that provides nourishment.  Dead seeds will be brought to life.  Colorful ideas will germinate and grow. ken and jan merop orange flower alive active powerful

It’s not just about writing.  It’s about life.

Have you been in that place where your life is like a blank page?  I think we’ve all experienced that.  I know I have.

We’re used to being busy; productive.  Then it seems many of the things that have kept us actively engaged are being stripped away for one reason or another.  Change is in the air; but, it’s not tangible and leaves us wondering what’s up.

Recently I found myself in that place.  Lethargy was beginning to take hold.  I was sighing too often.  Truthfully, I didn’t know what to do about it.

Then it occurred to me that I needed to dig into God’s Word.  I craved his nourishment like a crying, hungry child seeking to be satisfied.

I hadn’t neglected my quiet time.  But, I needed input and direction.  So, I looked through past studies I’d done.  When I found Believing God by Beth Moore, I knew the Lord was answering my heart’s cry.

Before I even began the study, I personalized Psalm 121…a Psalm I had memorized as a child…and one I had been returning to frequently.  It had been influential at another momentous time in my life.  Reading verse 1, NKJV, “I will lift up my eyes to the hills – from whence comes my help?  My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth,” was the direction I sought.

Then changing “you” to “my,” I affirmed that God wouldn’t let my foot be moved; he would keep me and not slumber; the Lord is my keeper and preserver.

Bolstered by God’s word, I stepped expectantly into the study.  It was time to have present, active, continual faith in God because he is alive and active in me.  I leaned into his power knowing nothing is impossible with God.  Selah


Jan Merop

Sometimes when we least expect it,

a blossom of thought and inspiration

comes forth from a rocky surface.

Much like this flower.

Pushing forth all by itself,

it awakens hope and promise.

“And so, Lord, where do I put my hope?

My only hope is in you.”

Psalm 39:7


After six years in the mountains of Avery County, Ken and Jan Merop are now living in the hilly Tennessee countryside of Cleveland, TN…just outside of Chattanooga.  Ken’s photos can be seen at

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