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Cell Phone Addicts

By Todd Abraham

Athens, TennesseeTodd Abraham heartbeat Christian news


It wakes you up and you go to sleep with it. It is the first thing you check in the morning. Some of you probably even take it in the shower with you. You absorb its content while you are going about your morning. You take it with you to the car. You peruse it while you are driving even though it is against the law. Even though you claim to be a Christian the bible teaches you to obey all the laws of the land and not the ones you pick and choose. You say you love Jesus and He taught us if we loved Him, we would keep His commandments and His commandments are not grievous. You are watching it at every red light. You sit in the parking lot wasting gas and time entranced by it.

You take it to work with you and check it every chance you get. Even when you know it is wrong and disobedient to the Lord and your boss. Because disobeying your boss is disobeying the Lord with very few exceptions. You take it to the bathroom. You monitor it during your breaks and lunches. You leave work with it and enjoy it during the drive home and at every stop you make. In fact, navigating the aisles of stores is suddenly not possible anymore without the app for that. You shove it in your kid’s faces so you don’t have to exercise any patience and actually take the time to teach them things. You share it with your friends and theirs with you. You take it on your runs or you walks and to the gym. It’s with you everywhere you go and during everything you do and occupies probably at least 70% of your waking hours.

You put your life at risk because of using it while you are driving. Or sitting in a parking lot with your car running and absolutely oblivious to reality should anyone sneak up on you and attack you. You take it out to eat with you while you and all of your family are immersed in it and ignoring each other; especially your young, impressionable children. You take it to class, to the bathroom, shopping, in bed and everywhere else that wicked little device will travel. You lie to everyone around you and tell them you can’t live without it. However, you don’t dare tell God that with an honest conscience because you know He will know you are lying.

You spend more time on it than you do in prayer, the word of God, with your spouse, with your children, focusing on the things that really matter, your safety and the safety of those around you. Your desire to have it, hold it, and give yourself to it is greater than your desire to seek the Lord and to do all you can to make sure you are right with Him. And if all that wasn’t bad enough, you even take it to church and let it disrupt what should be the most important part of your week in addition to your daily prayer time and bible time.

Because of it, you waste more of your time which actually is leased to you by God and belongs to Him anyway. You push your conscience aside time and time again when the Lord tries to convict you about it. But your smartphone isn’t an idol, is it? You can quit it anytime you want right? Even though everything I just said is true for almost every one of you reading this, you can stop anytime you want right? You’re not an addict, are you? You aren’t an idolater, are you? The verdict is in. The Judge says guilty as charged! Psalm 97:7 “Confounded be all they that serve graven images, that boast themselves of idols: worship him, all ye gods.”


My name is Todd Abraham. I’m an evangelist of the gospel of Jesus Christ and publisher of Heartbeat Christian News which has been in publication for 9 years now by the grace of God. You can read all about it at


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