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Crosspoint of India

By Rachel – (Picture and other information withheld for safety)


Growing up in Mitchell Co. was such a treasure. Not only was I surrounded by wonderful beauty and people, but also so many talented artists. My mother taught me to sew, weave, crochet, and do many other things. After moving to India to do mission work when I was 17, I realized these were all luxuries that children all over the world do not have access to. I also realized it was one of the gifts that God put in me that I could use to serve others. 

I live in a community in India of 20,000 people within a few blocks! You don’t have to spend more than 10 minutes in India to realize there is great financial need; poverty surrounds us. In my traditional community, most women are housewives. They are home all day and have no access to funds or income. Many of their husbands drink away their income before they even get home at night! I had many ideas to help these women, but handouts don’t bring long-term, sustainable change. I decide to do things the hard way- through dignified employment. 

I am 10 years into training and employing women in my community, and we have grown to a group of 60 Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian women. We meet weekly to study the Bible, pray for one another, and do business. It has been an amazing opportunity to help lift families out of poverty, as well as reach them with the gospel.

Sangeeta was one of our first members. She is a Hindu woman that lives just behind my home. She started out making pillow covers but designed some of our best-selling products through the years, including wrap-around skirts, Christmas stockings, and fabric gift bags. She has been able to put her 3 children in one of the best schools in our city, add another floor to her house, and buy a scooter in the past 10 years! She has consistently worked, saved, invested, and changed her life! Currently, she makes over 5,000 fabric gift bags a year.

Our outreach is called The White Peacock. We create gifts that give back while providing dignified employment to women in poverty. Our favorite products are made of 100% recycled materials. Our products are made by Moms and help support families. Income from their sales helps them get medical care, pay school fees, and eat better. This Mother’s Day you could buy a handmade gift for your mom while supporting a Mom in India. What Mom wouldn’t love that? Shop online and help support our mission in India.


Rachel, a Mitchell County native, has been serving in India for 25 years. She and her husband have founded Crosspoint of India, a church-planting organization. One of her main areas of ministry is The White Peacock, a Crisis Pregnancy Center, and serving on a Business forum for female professionals in her city of 3.5 million. She is a Pastor’s wife and a mother of 3. To contact Rachel for speaking opportunities or to connect with her mission, visit  

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