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No Regrets family

Discovering My Child’s Interest

By Pastor Dean Honeycutt

Mitchell County

It is hard living a life of “no regrets.”  It seems like the harder I try the harder life becomes. I am so thankful God is a gracious God. If the three-strike rule applied to me I would have been out a long time ago. It is not so much the things that I am doing that I regret, but the things I am not doing that bother me the most.

For example, this “time flying by” is getting way out of hand. The older I get the less I get done and the faster time goes. I still have a preteen at home and I realize I need to spend more time with him. This is one thing I am not doing that I regret. I need to spend more time with my son.

At times it is hard to find that one thing that you really enjoy doing with your child. If it is sports, then that can be easily accomplished. You go out and play ball with them. If it is hunting or fishing you go to the river or into the woods. But what about the child whose hobbies or interest are different than your own? Or the child whose interest you have not discovered. It is amazing at the number of parents who push their child into sports but, the child is just not interested in catching a ball.

Just in the past few years Pam and I were introduced to the 4-H club– it is amazing how many different interest groups they have for children. They have sewing, archery, shooting sports, livestock, poultry, robotics, and many other interest hobbies kids love to do. Sometimes you must try a variety of things with your child to see where their interest lies. It took me a while to figure this out. I just assumed since I loved sports my child would grow up and play in the super bowl. Lol…

I found that when I went to a livestock show with “Buttercup” my son’s limousine heifer we had a great time. (Not me and Buttercup, but me and my family Lol) I was not much of a farmer growing up, but my son loves goats, cows, and chickens. His interest became our interest. When I went to a shooting contest with my son’s shooting club, we had a great time. The 4-H shooting club led to my son giving a speech and being elected an officer which brought him so much joy, I am telling you as much joy as my daughter scoring a soccer goal. It is all the same. Would I be as excited for them if their interest were sewing or cooking? I guess I will find out soon, because we are starting a sewing ministry at Snow Hill that I am very excited about. Our women’s Bible study group are making baby blankets for Tri-county pregnancy center, and some of our young ladies will be introduced to sewing for the very first time. Who knows— we might find a wonderful young seamstress, and a talent that a person never knew they had.

The point is to not be afraid to try new things with your child even if they are not your interest they may very well be your child’s. You will receive joy out of seeing your child do something he likes to do. When you do these things together you both will have a great time. Imagine how our Father in heaven feels when we use our talents for His glory. When we discover what we are good at and use it for God’s glory we have a sense of purpose and meaning. How wonderful it is to help our child discover their interest and then teach them to use those talents for God’s greater glory.

Parenting is not easy, but it is so rewarding. Watching your children grow into responsible, loving, and Christ following adults is joy that we can not describe. Pam and I are so proud of our children, and we thank God that he loaned them to us and trusted us with their care.

God bless you and we love you,

Pastor Dean Honeycutt