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God’s Artwork in His Nature

By Nancy Malik

Avery County


Nancy Malik Avery County

Nancy Malik

At the beginning of this new millennium, it was a joy to teach Creation Science in both my church, for ages 5-high school, and at the large Christian School where I was a kindergarten teacher for several years.  Teaching Creation Science to over 300 students at my school and 20+ at my church put me on a journey that I still enjoy today.  A radio program in the county and writing for two local newspapers let me reflect on His Word and His goodness to us all.  In the very beginning of the Bible, God lays out his plans for us.  The beauty of His order begins with;…” In the beginning, God created the heavens  and the earth!” He gave us seven days weeks from the first chapter of Genesis.  Each of the first six days was significant in His progression of creating the heavens and the earth.  In all of His creation, there is beauty.  I call His artwork, because of the weaving in and out of the skies and universe, the planets, a sun, and a moon, all to keep us in loving control!  Yom is the Hebrew word for a twenty-four day.  It always has been and will be until the new heaven and the new earth.

God’s artwork is evident everywhere from the deserts to the highest mountains, in the lakes, rivers, seas, and outer limits of the universe.  The stars have a very interesting pattern as twelve houses in the sky travel around the earth.  There are many constellations and we have eight planets that circle the sun with us and a tiny one that is considered a swarf planet-Pluto.  In the northern hemisphere, these twelve houses have stars that are the story of our world.  The lion, called Leo, represents the Lord, a group called Virgo for the Virgin Mary, and Capricorn is called The Goat, mentioned in The Old Testament as a scapegoat. Ursa Major is also called The Bear of The Big Dipper.

The six-sided snowflake is never duplicated.  Each one has its own design within those six sides.  Can you imagine all the snowflakes sent from God’s warehouse to the earth for millennia?  Other interesting natural occurrences in His Artwork include Star Fish.  Their five arms stretched out resemble the basic star pattern used when creating a simple star.

The seas have other representations of His pattern and design.  Baby’s Foor, is a small, off-white, with light pink in the middle of it.  There is a tiny pale foot shape in it as well.  They are so fun to find among the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.  Whale kind each have a different blow from the top of their heads to designate what they are!  Sand Dollars are a 4” wide lazy circle, white, that when carefully broken open has 5 small-like shapes inside.  They are separate, not stuck together.  The pattern is obvious in all of his Creations.  No matter what part of the world you live in, they will be found because He loves giving us His presents!

Rocks are mentioned in the Bible.  In Job, God shares His love of His jewels hidden inside the earth.  Crystals, including diamonds,  amethyst, and rubies are just a few examples of the jewels beneath the earth that God loves.  Rocks are so unusual as well.  When my husband and I first moved here, we found heart-shaped rocks all over our property.  Some were very large; most were less than an inch wide. Children delighted in them.  What a present to receive from our Lord when moving into a new place.

Trees are very informative.  When sliced to create a circle, there are rings found inside most of them.  The rings can be added up for age, drought, and fire can also be written within their history.  In the West, some trees are still alive that were growing since the time of Jesus.  The Slash Pine of southern Florida has new growth every Easter in the shape of a cross on the tops of the trees.

Our climate determines our weather.  When the sun has big solar flares, directed by God, we get hotter weather.  When they die down, it gets cooler.  This is in His hands!  The tides of the world and the streams of the world help keep it on its axis.

Of all of these pieces of artwork, that He would create a man and a woman to have children and look to Him for their walk, is a mystery and a love story!  His artwork for us, is His Creation, His Nature!  Aren’t you glad?


Nancy Malik has lived in Avery County for five years. She attends Newland Christian Church She has taught creation science to children for many years. You will be blessed to listen to her audio devotions for children HERE.