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By Mandi Polly

Mitchell CountyMandi Polly

Gratitude helps us see what is there, instead of what isn’t.  -Annette Bridges

The world can be so disheartening.  We are bombarded with negativity on social media, television, and simply in our everyday lives. When the majority of what you see is depressing, it is easy to begin to focus on how difficult life can be.

I have always been a cup-half-full type of person and I guess it is annoying when I try to be positive to someone who just wants to live in a moment of hurt, pity, or anger.  Trust me, I can get into those depressing spaces too.

If we can take the time to look around us and try to focus on the positives in our lives, we are so blessed.  I, myself, wake up in a warm house, have indoor plumbing, a choice of outfits to wear, and food to eat.  If I want to go even deeper, I can see, hear, and even breathe. I can write this article because I was able to go to school to learn and even had the privilege to attend college. I have family, friends, a church family, and most importantly, Jesus in my corner.

We need to make gratitude a habit.  I was challenged by a friend to create a Gratitude Journal and every night before I go to bed, write three things I am thankful for.  Some things will be big, like salvation or health.  Others will be small things, like clouds, a fuzzy pair of socks, or my favorite worship song.  Everything I write down will help me see the bigger picture and appreciate what I have, rather than focusing on the immediate situation or what I don’t have.  I hope you will try this as well and see your glass is not only half full, but your “cup runneth over”.  Psalm 23:5


Mandi Polly is a lifelong resident of Mitchell County.  She is a wife, mom to two daughters and a “Grandi ” to two of the sweetest grandkids. She and her family are members of Grassy Creek Baptist Church in Spruce Pine. She loves music and being creative.