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By Melissa Taylor

Burkehealthcare warriors making a difference


Proverbs 17:22 tells us, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”

Medicine comes in many forms.  Jesus gives us multiple examples of healing in His precious word.  He touched those who were sick both physically and spiritually.  In the book of Matthew, we see Jesus touch the leper, and in the book of Mark lay hands on the blind man. We see again in Luke when He touches and heals the servant’s ear.  He TOUCHED those who were sick.

We have long recognized in medicine the healing power of a touch, and now, the medical community has taken it away with a vengeance.  COVID-19 and the fear it has ingrained in our society have stripped so many of the intimacy of companionship.  We have removed the ability to meet the sick and dying on one of the deepest levels of need.  We watch as they suffer but from an established distance.  We have taken away the power of love, of touch, of family.  We have broken so many spirits and dried the bones.  Thankfully, God’s army is alive! It exists in the heart of so many amazing healthcare workers who have stepped up to TOUCH those who are hurting.

Healthcare workers and caregivers are WARRIORS!  The medical community continually fights to find ways to offer that loving touch both physically and emotionally, despite the toll COVID-19 has taken on us. We have accepted the challenge and are ready to battle on your behalf. We hurt with you when you are alone.  We hurt with you when you are afraid.  We hurt with you when you are in crisis…..and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Father has taken many of these situations and moved His mighty hand. God’s love shines through the therapist that brings a meal to the home therapy appointment.  God’s joy is shared when the medical office celebrates the patient’s recovery from an extended illness.  God’s peace is evidenced when the EMT worker holds the hand of the worried family member and assures them everything is stable.  God’s patience overflows as the caregiver spends extra time loving on the combative dementia patient.  God’s kindness is overwhelming when the doctor allows two siblings to see their dying mother instead of the mandatory one.  God’s goodness lights up the face of the cancer patient and the entire oncology staff as the patient rings the bell for their last chemo treatment as their husband waits in the car.   God’s faithfulness is ever-present as He wraps His hand of protection around those subjected to COVID-19 every day.  God’s gentleness has been exemplified through the soft, comforting prayer of the bedside nurse with the father who is all alone. God’s self-control is exercised in the heart of healthcare workers as we are many times worn and vulnerable, but we move forward with confidence and assurance.  The fruits of the spirit are making a difference in our healthcare community.

The stories of medical generosity and goodness are exponential.  God is allowing His light to shine in an increasingly dark world.  Healthcare warriors stand firm and stand strong! Hebrews 11:1 tells us,

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  In faith, we will continue to touch.

Sarah sat outside the window of the Alzheimer’s unit as she did twice weekly.  Her mother, Grace, was just on the other side of the pane.  Sarah was fairly confident her mother was being cared for sufficiently over the past few months, but she longed to lay hands on her mother and check things out for herself.  Sarah wished she could be there for her mother’s “good days” when she spoke a few words or knowingly squeezed her hand.  Margaret, the CNA was with her mother today as usual and from what Sarah could see, today was a good day.  Margaret was gentle and patient throughout the visit while also feeding her mother breakfast.  Margaret had wiped away the crumbs and was re-positioning Grace when Sarah realized that wasn’t what she was doing at all.  She was holding her mother tightly in a warm hug.  Margaret pointed to Sarah and said to Grace, “this is from your daughter.”   Grace’s eyes brightened and she feebly pulled Margaret closer, kissed her on the cheek, then looked out the window.  Grace pointed a finger to her chest, then to her daughter Sarah and said, “from me to you.”  Tears flowed down Sarah’s face and she looked to see Margaret was overwhelmed with emotion too. Sarah left the visit that day watching Margaret brush her mother’s hair, yes, it was a good day.


Melissa is a Family Nurse Practitioner who organizes medical mission trips to the bush of Kenya.  She is the proud wife of Jason and mother of Keagan and a member of the Zion Baptist Church Family in Morganton.


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